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Teaching reading and writing in primary grades in Macao: A qualitative study Book chapter
出自: Teaching and researching literacy and writing for better life:Springer Nature, 2022
Authors:  Hsiang, Tien Ping
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Reading/writing Instruction  Textbooks  Handwriting  Chinese Language Arts  Literary Books  Teaching Chinese As a Second Language (Tcsl)  
我的儿童戏剧教育之旅 Newspaper Article
Authors:  向天屏
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教育  戲劇  兒童  
Teachers' beliefs and practices in textbook selection and use when teaching Chinese as a second language Journal article
Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 2022
Authors:  Hsiang, Tien Ping;  Graham, Steve;  Liu, Xinghua;  Zhou, Ziyu
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Textbook Selection  Textbook Adaptation  Teacher Beliefs  Second Language Instruction  Language Teacher Education  Teacher Knowledge  
Predicting efficacy to teach writing: The role of attitudes, perceptions of students' progress, and epistemological beliefs Journal article
Elementary School Journal, 2022
Authors:  Graham, Steve;  Hsiang, Tien Ping;  Ray, Amber B;  Zheng, Guihua;  Hebert, Michael
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Writing  Teacher Efficacy  Teacher Beliefs  Attitudes  Epistemological Beliefs  
示範教學 [幼兒園認識澳門主題統整活動] Presentation
报告日期: 2022-05-28
Authors:  向天屏
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澳門世遺  大三巴  地理  圖畫書  主題統整教學  
示範教學 [幼兒圖畫書閱讀教學] Presentation
报告日期: 2022-04-02
Authors:  向天屏
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問題解決  惡作劇  愚人節  圖畫書  多元智能  
我們的高等教育培育了中小學需要的寫作教師了嗎? [Does higher education prepare writing teachers well for elementary and middle schools?] Journal article
澳門研究 [Journal of Macau Studies], 2022,Volume: 102,Issue: 1,Page: 87-103
Authors:  Hsiang, Tien Ping
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高等教育   職前師資培訓   中文寫作教學   教學實踐   教科書的選擇與使用  
以識字為中心的課例研究:化地瑪聖母女子學校有效識字成果集 Book
澳門:化地瑪聖母女子學校, 2022
Authors:  古文好;  鄭綺明;  向天屏
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平衡取向的識字教學:實踐與反思 Book chapter
出自: 古文好、鄭綺明、向天屏(編),以識字為中心的課例研究:化地瑪聖母女子學校有效識字成果集, 澳門:化地瑪聖母女子學校, 2022, 页码: 1-11
Authors:  向天屏
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識字 寫字 漢字 教學 教師專業發展 校本課程/學校本位課程  
Teaching Chinese characters to students in grades 1 to 3 through emergency remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic Journal article
Reading and Writing, 2022,Volume: 35,Page: 1975–2014
Authors:  Hsiang, Tien Ping;  Graham, Steve;  Wang, Zhisheng;  Wang, Chuang;  Skar, Gustaf B.
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Chinese Characters  Handwriting  Reading  Word Meaning  Writing