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The role of time in the acceptance of MOOCs among Chinese university students Journal article
Interactive Learning Environments, 2022,Volume: 30,Issue: 4,Page: 651-664
Authors:  Teo, Timothy;  Dai, Hai Min
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Gender  Moocs  Perception Of Time  Tam  Time  
Validation of a simplified Chinese version of the 3 × 2 Achievement Goal Questionnaire (AGQ-S) Journal article
Journal of General Psychology, 2022,Volume: 149,Issue: 1,Page: 116-137
Authors:  Zhou,Mingming;  Teo,Timothy;  Hoi,Cathy Ka Weng
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Achievement Goals  Chinese Sample  Scale Validation  Short Form  
Student engagement with teacher oral feedback in EFL university classrooms Journal article
Language Teaching Research, 2022
Authors:  Wang, Bo;  Yu, Shulin;  Zheng, Yao;  Teo, Timothy
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Efl Students  English Teaching  Student Engagement  Teacher Oral Feedback  
Understanding Chinese female university teachers’ intention to pursue a PhD degree: some insights from a Chinese university Journal article
Higher Education, 2021,Volume: 81,Issue: 6,Page: 1347-1366
Authors:  Dai, Hai Min;  Ju, Bei;  Teo, Timothy;  Rappa, Natasha Anne
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Female Faculty  Higher Education  Phd Degree  Theory Of Planned Behavior  
Understanding continuance intention among MOOC participants: The role of habit and MOOC performance Journal article
Computers in Human Behavior, 2020,Volume: 112
Authors:  Dai, Hai Min;  Teo, Timothy;  Rappa, Natasha Anne
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China  Continuance Intention  Habit  Mooc  Mooc Performance  
Predicting the intention to use cybercounseling among chinese adolescents: An extended theory of planned behavior Journal article
Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 2020,Volume: 23,Issue: 9,Page: 627-634
Authors:  Teo,Timothy;  Shi,Wei;  Hoi,Cathy Ka Weng;  Huang,Fang
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Chinese Adolescents  Cybercounseling  Extended Theory Of Planned Behavior (E-tpb)  Intention  
Validation of a simplified Chinese version of the 3x2 Achievement Goal Questionnaire (AGQ-S) Journal article
Journal of General Psychology, 2020,Volume: 149,Issue: 1,Page: 116-137
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Intergenerational differences in the intention to use psychological cybercounseling: A Chinese case study Journal article
Patient Education and Counseling, 2020,Volume: 103,Issue: 8,Page: 1615-1622
Authors:  Teo,Timothy;  Shi,Wei;  Huang,Fang;  Hoi,Cathy Ka Weng
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Chinese  E-tpb  Intention  Intergeneration  Psychological Cybercounseling  
Explaining Chinese university students’ continuance learning intention in the MOOC setting: A modified expectation confirmation model perspective Journal article
Computers and Education, 2020,Volume: 150
Authors:  Dai, Hai Min;  Teo, Timothy;  Rappa, Natasha Anne;  Huang, Fang
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Distance Education And Online Learning  Pedagogical Issues  Post-secondary Education  
Relationship Between Screen Time and Chinese Children’s Cognitive and Social Development Journal article
Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 2020,Volume: 34,Issue: 2,Page: 183-207
Authors:  Bi Ying Hu;  Gregory Kirk Johnson;  Timothy Teo;  Zhongling Wu
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Active Screen Time  Cognitive Development  Passive Screen Time  Social Development