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Re-conceptualisation of school bullying from a children's rights' perspective: The illustrative case of the Cypriot educational context Journal article
Children and Society, 2022
Authors:  Kaloyirou, Chrystalla;  Vong, Sou Kuan
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An exploratory study on normative cohesiveness of high-quality preschool teacher education in urban north-western China Journal article
International Journal of Early Years Education, 2021
Authors:  Vong, Keang Ieng;  Vong, Sou Kuan;  Liu, Qian Min;  Cheng, Doris Pui Wah
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communities of norms  macro–meso–micro levels  normative cohesiveness  preschool education in China  Preschool teacher education programme  
The effects of doing part-time jobs on college student academic performance and social life in a Chinese society Journal article
Journal of Education and Work, 2019,Volume: 23,Issue: 1,Page: 79-94
Authors:  Wang,Hongyu;  Kong,Miosi;  Shan,Wenjing;  Vong,Sou Kuan
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Chinese Society  Higher Education  Part-time Employment  
Is teacher education at risk? A tale of two cities–Hong Kong and Macau Journal article
Compare, 2018,Volume: 48,Issue: 5,Page: 785-800
Authors:  Vong,Sou Kuan;  Yu,Wai Ming
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Higher education  Hong Kong  knowledge production  Macau  teacher education  university rankings  
Resistance, resilience and re-marginalization: a case study of a visual arts teacher in Macao Journal article
British Journal of Sociology of Education, 2018,Volume: 39,Issue: 7,Page: 998-1011
Authors:  Huang,Hua;  Vong,Sou Kuan
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Macao/macau  Narrative  Neoliberalism  Resilience  Resistance  Visual Arts Teacher  
Is teacher education at risk? A tale of two cities - Hong Kong and Macau Journal article
Authors:  Vong, Sou Kuan;  Yu, Wai Ming
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Higher Education  University Rankings  Teacher Education  Knowledge Production  Hong Kong  Macau  
Macau higher education expansion in flux: a critical spatial perspective Journal article
Discourse, 2017,Volume: 38,Issue: 6,Page: 937-954
Authors:  Wu,Jinting;  Vong,Sou Kuan
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China  governmentality  higher education  knowledge/power  Macau  space  
Early childhood education in Macao: Recent policies, developments, and trends Book chapter
出自: International Perspectives on Early Childhood Education and Development:SPRINGER, 2017, 页码: 171-183
Authors:  Vong,Keang ieng Peggy;  Vong,Sou Kuan
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Harmonizing a melody?! A critical study of moral and civic education policy of the non-tertiary education system in Macao Journal article
Asian Education and Development Studies, 2016,Volume: 5,Issue: 1,Page: 71-93
Authors:  Vong,Sou Kuan
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Governmentality  Macao  Moral And Civic Education  National Education  Patriotic Education  Policy  
The Confucian Educational Philosophy and Experienced Teachers' Resistance: A Narrative Study in Macau Journal article
Frontiers of Education in China, 2016,Volume: 11,Issue: 1,Page: 1-22
Authors:  Huang,Hua;  Vong,Sou Kuan
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Experienced Teachers  Post-structuralism  Resistance