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Tunneling-induced settlement prediction using the hybrid feature selection method for feature optimization Journal article
Transportation Geotechnics, 2022,Volume: 36
Authors:  Cheng, Yang;  Zhou, Wan Huan;  Xu, Tao
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Feature selection  Ground settlement  Machine learning  Shield tunneling  Variable importance  
Numerical modeling of viscous slurry infiltration in sand Journal article
Computers and Geotechnics, 2022,Volume: 146
Authors:  Lu, Zhao;  Zhou, Wan Huan;  Yin, Zhen Yu;  Yang, Jie
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Finite Difference Method  Infiltration  Sand  Seepage  Slurry  Viscosity  
Intelligent Prediction of Multi-Factor-Oriented Ground Settlement During TBM Tunneling in Soft Soil Journal article
Frontiers in Built Environment, 2022,Volume: 8
Authors:  Ding, Zhi;  Zhao, Lin Shuang;  Zhou, Wan Huan;  Bezuijen, Adam
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Feature Selection  Non-parametric  Operational Factor  Pitching Angle  Tunneling-induced Settlement  
Surface settlements induced by twin tunneling in silty sand Journal article
Underground Space (China), 2022,Volume: 7,Issue: 1,Page: 58-75
Authors:  Kannangara, K. K.Pabodha M.;  Ding, Zhi;  Zhou, Wan Huan
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Earth Pressure Balance Shield  Filed Measurement  Shield Operational Parameters  Surface Settlement  
Analysis of one-dimensional nonlinear consolidation of a saturated lumpy porous clay layer Journal article
Computers and Geotechnics, 2021,Volume: 140
Authors:  Wang, A. qiang;  Hu, Ya yuan;  Zhou, Wan huan;  Liu, Xing wang
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Double Porosity  Finite Element Modelling  Mixture Theory  Nonlinear Consolidation  Saturated Lumpy Porous Clay  
Multivariate modeling of soil suction response to various rainfall by multi-gene genetic programing Journal article
Acta Geotechnica, 2021,Volume: 16,Issue: 11,Page: 3601-3616
Authors:  Cheng, Zhi Liang;  Yang, Shuaidong;  Zhao, Lin Shuang;  Tian, Chen;  Zhou, Wan Huan
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Global Sensitivity Analysis  Multi-gene Genetic Programming  Parametric Study  Soil Suction Response  Temporal Rainfall Pattern  
Analysis of ground deformation induced by shield tunneling considering the effects of muck discharge and grouting Journal article
Transportation Geotechnics, 2021,Volume: 30
Authors:  Ding, Zhi;  He, Shu Yu;  Zhou, Wan Huan;  Xu, Tao;  He, Shao Heng;  Zhang, Xiao
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Construction Parameters  Ground Deformation  Shield Tunneling  Tail Void Grouting  Volume Loss  
Metaheuristic model for the interface shear strength between granular soil and structure considering surface morphology Journal article
Computers and Geotechnics, 2021,Volume: 135
Authors:  Chen, Wei Bin;  Zhou, Wan Huan;  Sadowski, Łukasz;  Yin, Zhen Yu
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Metaheuristic Model  Morphology  Random Surface  Shear Strength  Soil-structure Interface  
Amendment additions and their potential effect on soil geotechnical properties: A perspective review Journal article
Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, 2021,Volume: 51,Issue: 6,Page: 535-576
Authors:  Liu, Fuming;  Yi, Shuping;  Zhou, Wan Huan;  Chen, Yong Zhan;  Wong, Ming Hung
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amendment additions  Environmental remediation  geoenvironmental properties  
Micro-mechanical analysis of soil–structure interface behavior under constant normal stiffness condition with DEM Journal article
Acta Geotechnica, 2021
Authors:  Wang, Pei;  Yin, Zhen Yu;  Zhou, Wan Huan;  Chen, Wei bin
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Fabric  Granular Material  Micro-mechanical  Normal Stiffness  Shear Zone  Soil–structure Interface