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Distributed Adaptive Consensus Protocol for Connected Vehicle Platoon With Heterogeneous Time-Varying Delays and Switching Topologies Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2022,Volume: 23,Issue: 10,Page: 17620-17631
Authors:  Yu, Guokuan;  Wong, Pak Kin;  Huang, Wei;  Zhao, Jing;  Wang, Xian-Bo;  Yang, Zhi-Xin
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Connected Vehicles  Delay-range-dependent Approach.  Delays  Distributed Consensus Control  Linear Matrix Inequalities  Switches  Switching Topology  Time-varying Delay  Time-varying Systems  Topology  Vehicle Dynamics  Vehicle Platoon  
Design and fabrication of an integrated 3D dynamic multicellular liver-on-a-chip and its application in hepatotoxicity screening Journal article
Talanta, 2022,Volume: 241
Authors:  Zheng, Yi bo;  Ma, Li dong;  Wu, Jian lin;  Wang, Yi ming;  Meng, Xian sheng;  Hu, Ping;  Liang, Qiong lin;  Xie, Yuan yuan;  Luo, Guo an
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Cell co-culture  Hepatocyte spheroids  Hepatotoxicity  Liver-on-a-chip  Microfluidics  
An Improved Recursive ARIMA Method with Recurrent Process for Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Bearings Journal article
Shock and Vibration, 2022,Volume: 2022
Authors:  Luo, Zeyu;  Wang, Xian-Bo;  Yang, Zhi-Xin
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On-line Remaining Charging-discharging Cycle Prediction of Lithium-ion Batteries using Cumulative Indicator Conference paper
Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Authors:  Luo, Zeyu;  Chen, Hao;  Wang, Xian Bo;  Yang, Zhi Xin
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Knowledge Graph for Fault diagnosis of Mechanical System Conference paper
Proceedings of 2022 IEEE 11th Data Driven Control and Learning Systems Conference, DDCLS 2022
Authors:  Chen, Hao;  Wang, Xian Bo;  Yang, Zhi Xin
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Fault diagnosis  Knowledge graph  Mechanical system  Semi-naive Bayesian  
Diagnosis of the Mixed Eccentricity Fault in Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors based on the Open-Circuit External Field Conference paper
2022 5th International Conference on Energy, Electrical and Power Engineering, CEEPE 2022
Authors:  Li, Jiaming;  Wang, Xian Bo;  Luo, Zeyu;  Chen, Hao;  Yang, Zhi Xin
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electric machines  external field  fault diagnosis  mixed eccentricity  search coils  
Intelligent fault monitoring and diagnosis of tunnel fans using a hierarchical cascade forest Journal article
ISA Transactions, 2022
Authors:  Yang, Zhi Xin;  Li, Chao Shun;  Wang, Xian Bo;  Chen, Hao
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Confidence estimation  Deep forest  Hierarchical cascade structure  Intelligent fault diagnosis  Random forest  Tunnel fans  
Fast Robust Capsule Network With Dynamic Pruning and Multiscale Mutual Information Maximization for Compound-Fault Diagnosis Journal article
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 2022
Authors:  Chen, Hao;  Wang, Xian bo;  Yang, Zhi Xin
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Capsule network  deep learning  fault diagnosis  Fault diagnosis  Feature extraction  Heuristic algorithms  Machinery  Mutual information  mutual information  Prediction algorithms  rotating machinery  Routing  
Analytical Analysis of the Open-Circuit External Field of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors under the Eccentricity Fault Conference paper
2022 5th International Conference on Energy, Electrical and Power Engineering, CEEPE 2022
Authors:  Li, Jiaming;  Wang, Xian Bo;  Luo, Zeyu;  Chen, Hao;  Yang, Zhi Xin
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analytical calculation  electric machines  fault diagnosis  magnetic field  mixed eccentricity  
Prevalence of Chronic Diseases and Alterations of Gut Microbiome in People of Ningxia China During Urbanization: An Epidemiological Survey Journal article
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 2021,Volume: 11
Authors:  Du, Yong;  Ding, Lu;  Na, Li;  Sun, Ting;  Sun, Xian;  Wang, Liqun;  He, Shulan;  Wang, Zhizhong;  Lu, Zhenhui;  Li, Feng;  Guo, Xiaofei;  Zhang, Yanhong;  Tian, Jin;  Wang, Bo;  Zhai, Sifan;  Yang, Chao;  Liu, Xiao
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Chronic Diseases  Epidemiological Investigation  Gut Microbiota  Microbiome  Urbanization