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Inference-Based Posteriori Parameter Distribution Optimization Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2022,Volume: 52,Issue: 5,Page: 3006-3017
Authors:  Wang, Xuesong;  Li, Tianyi;  Cheng, Yuhu;  Chen, C. L.Philip
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Exploration  Inference  Parameter Distribution  Reinforcement Learning (Rl)  
Integrated Double Estimator Architecture for Reinforcement Learning Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2022,Volume: 52,Issue: 5,Page: 3111-3122
Authors:  Lv, Pingli;  Wang, Xuesong;  Cheng, Yuhu;  Duan, Ziming;  Chen, C. L.Philip
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Discriminator-quality evaluation GAN Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 2022
Authors:  Wang, Xuesong;  Jin, Ke;  Kong, Yi;  Chen, C. L.Philip;  Cheng, Yuhu
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Convergence  Discriminatorquality  Generative Adversarial Network  Generative Adversarial Networks  Generators  Image Quality  Image Quality  Linear Programming  Objective Function  Standards  Training  
Off-Policy Deep Reinforcement Learning Based on Steffensen Value Iteration Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, 2021,Volume: 13,Issue: 4,Page: 1023-1032
Authors:  Cheng, Yuhu;  Chen, Lin;  Chen, C. L.Philip;  Wang, Xuesong
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Convergence Speed  Deep Reinforcement Learning (Drl)  Off-policy  Steffensen Iteration  Value Iteration (Vi)  
Multi-stage convolutional broad learning with block diagonal constraint for hyperspectral image classification Journal article
Remote Sensing, 2021,Volume: 13,Issue: 17
Authors:  Kong, Yi;  Wang, Xuesong;  Cheng, Yuhu;  Philip Chen, C. L.
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Block Diagonal  Broad Learning System  Classification  Convolutional Neural Network  Hyperspectral Image  
Influencing Factors and Countermeasures to Promote the Large-scale Development of Rural Solar Houses in China Conference paper
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Chengdu, China, 23-25 April 2021
Authors:  Li, Xuesong;  Dong, Yaowu;  Li, Chenchen;  Wang, Zijie
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Proximal Policy Optimization With Policy Feedback Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 2021
Authors:  Gu, Yang;  Cheng, Yuhu;  Chen, C. L.P.;  Wang, Xuesong
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Actor-critic (Ac)  Clipped Discount Factor  Estimation  Games  Optimization  Policy Feedback  Proximal Policy Optimization (Ppo)  Space Exploration  Task Analysis  Training  Trajectory  Value Function.  
Semisupervised Classification of Hyperspectral Image Based on Graph Convolutional Broad Network Journal article
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 2021,Volume: 14,Page: 2995-3005
Authors:  Wang, Haoyu;  Cheng, Yuhu;  Chen, C. L.Philip;  Wang, Xuesong
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Broad learning  classification  hyperspectral image (HSI)  sample expansion  semisupervised learning  
Weighted broad learning system and its application in nonlinear industrial process modeling Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2020,Volume: 31,Issue: 8,Page: 3017-3031
Authors:  Chu, Fei;  Liang, Tao;  Chen, C. L.Philip;  Wang, Xuesong;  Ma, Xiaoping
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Broad Learning System (Bls)  Incremental Learning Algorithm  Noise And Outliers  Weighted Penalty Factor  
Hyperspectral Imagery Classification Based on Semi-Supervised Broad Learning System Journal article
REMOTE SENSING, 2018,Volume: 10,Issue: 5
Authors:  Kong, Yi;  Wang, Xuesong;  Cheng, Yuhu;  Chen, C. L. Philip
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hyperspectral imagery  classification  broad learning  semi-supervised  class-probability structure