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Baicalein protects tert‑butyl hydroperoxide‑induced hepatotoxicity dependent of reactive oxygen species removal Journal article
Molecular Medicine Reports, 2017,Page: 8392-8398
Authors:  Wang, YF;  Tang, ZH;  Li, T;  Xu, XH;  Chen, X. P.;  Wang, Y.;  Wang, Y. T.;  Lu, J.
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Baicalein  Liver Protection  Ros  Apoptosis  Cell Death  
Baicalein Induces Beclin 1- and Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase-Dependent Autophagy in Ovarian Cancer Cells Journal article
The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, 2017,Page: 123-136
Authors:  Wang, YF;  Xu, YL;  Tang, ZH;  Li, T;  Zhang, LL;  Chen, X. P.;  Lu, J.;  Leung, C. H.;  Ma, DL;  Qiang, WA;  Wang, Y. T.;  Lu, J.
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Baicalein  Ovarian Cancer  Autophagy  Beclin1  ERK  
A Calibration Scheme for Stability of Self-biased Ring Amplifier Conference paper
Authors:  Yan, Rongshen;  Chan, Chi-Hang;  Sin, Sai-Weng;  Seng-Pan, U.;  Martins, R. P.;  Wang, ZH;  Xie, WH
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Calibration  Self-biased Ring Amplifier  PVT Variations  Oscillation Detection  Programmable Resistor  
Automated Test System with Input Parameters Sweep-Function for Analog-to-Digital Converters Conference paper
Authors:  Qin, WeiWei;  Sin, Sai-Weng;  Seng-Pan, U.;  Martins, Rui Paulo;  Wang, ZH;  Xie, WH
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Analog to Digital Converter  Test System  Automated  Sweep Function  LabVIEW  
Chikusetsusaponin IVa Methyl Ester Induces G1 Cell Cycle Arrest, Triggers Apoptosis and Inhibits Migration and Invasion on Ovarian Cancer Cells Conference paper
The 12th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Medicine Experimental Pharmacology Association of China Association of Chinese Medicine
Authors:  Chen, X;  Wu, QS;  Meng, FC;  Tang, ZH;  Chen, X. P.;  Lin, L.;  Chen, P;  Wang, Y. T.;  Zhang, Q. W.;  Lu, J.
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Panacis Japonici Rhizoma  Chikusetsusaponin IVa methyl ester  ovarian cancer  cell cycle arrest  apoptosis  metastasis  
A Systematic Review of the Anticancer Properties of Compounds Isolated from Licorice (Gancao) Journal article
Planta Medica, 2015,Volume: 81,Issue: 18,Page: 1670-1687
Authors:  Tang ZH;  Li T;  Tong YG;  Chen XJ;  Chen XP;  Wang YT;  Lu JJ
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Glycyrrhiza Glabra  Leguminosae  Licorice  Anticancer  Mechanism  Triterpenoids  Flavonoids  
腫瘤生物學研究熱點與抗腫瘤中藥研發策略 Journal article
中國中藥雜誌, 2015,Page: 3416-3422
Authors:  Chen, X. P.;  Tang, ZH;  Shi, Z;  Lu, J.;  Su, H. X.;  Chen, X.;  Wang, Y. T.
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腫瘤  中藥  腫瘤免疫  細胞自噬  腫瘤干細胞  上皮-間質轉化  
Baicalein Triggers Autophagy and Inhibits the Protein Kinase B/Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Pathway inHepatocellular Carcinoma HepG2 Cells Journal article
Phytotherapy Research, 2015,Page: 674-679
Authors:  Wang, YF;  Li, T;  Tang, ZH;  Chang, LL;  Zhu, H;  Chen, X. P.;  Wang, Y. T.;  Lu, J.
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baicalein  hepatocellular carcinoma  autophagy  AKT  ULK1  
中藥黃芩的化學成分及藥理研究進展 Journal article
中華中醫藥學刊, 2015,Page: 206-211
Authors:  Wang, YF;  Li, T;  Tang, ZH;  Chen, X. P.;  Wang, Y. T.;  Lu, J.
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Scutellariae Radix  chemical composition  pharmacological activities  flavonoids  
Platycodin D from Platycodonis Radix enhances the anti-proliferative effects of doxorubicin on breast cancer MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 cells. Journal article
Chinese Medicine, 2014,Page: 1-7
Authors:  Tang, ZH;  Li, T;  Gao, HW;  Sun, W;  Chen, X. P.;  Wang, Y. T.;  Lu, J.
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