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Teaching Chinese characters to students in grades 1 to 3 through emergency remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic Journal article
Reading and Writing, 2022,Volume: 35,Page: 1975–2014
Authors:  Hsiang, Tien Ping;  Graham, Steve;  Wang, Zhisheng;  Wang, Chuang;  Skar, Gustaf B.
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Chinese Characters  Handwriting  Reading  Word Meaning  Writing  
Influence of the surface material and illumination upon the performance of a microelectrode/electrolyte interface in optogenetics Journal article
Micromachines, 2021,Volume: 12,Issue: 9
Authors:  Shen, Junyu;  Xu, Yanyan;  Xiao, Zhengwen;  Liu, Yuebo;  Liu, Honghui;  Wang, Fengge;  Yao, Wanqing;  Yan, Zhaokun;  Zhang, Minjie;  Wu, Zhisheng;  Liu, Yang;  Pun, Sio Hang;  Lei, Tim C.;  Vai, Mang I.;  Mak, Peng Un;  Chen, Changhao;  Zhang, Baijun
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Microelectrode/electrolyte Interface  Optical Artifact  Optogenetics  Optrode  Photostability  Surface Material  
How Chinese Characters Are Taught: An Analysis of Three Popular Textbooks Used in Macao Journal article
Technology, Knowledge and Learning, 2021,Volume: 26,Issue: 2,Page: 355-381
Authors:  Hsiang, Tien Ping;  Graham, Steve;  Wang, Zhisheng;  Gong, Yang
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Chinese  Handwriting  Instruction  Reading Comprehension  Word Recognition  Writing  
Teaching Reading and Writing Chinese Characters in Primary Schools in Chinese Societies - Phase 1 Project
项目编号: 14/DSESHSS-UM/2019, 2019-2019
Authors:  Hsiang, Tien Ping;  Wang, Zhisheng;  Gong, Yang;  Graham Steve
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Teaching Chinese Characters  Word Recognition  Handwriting  Macao  International Schools  
Prepare college students for global citizenship and multicultural awareness: An exploratory study in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area of China-Phase 1 Project
项目编号: 10/DSESHSS-UM/2019, 2019-2019
Authors:  Gong, Yang;  Hsiang, Tien Ping;  Wang, Zhisheng
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Global Citizenship  Multicultural Awareness  Greater Bay Area Of China  
Teaching Chinese argumentative writing in regular middle school classrooms: An approach of integrating reading & writing Project
项目类型: MYRG, 项目编号: MYRG2018-00127-FED, 2018-2020
Authors:  Hsiang, Tien Ping;  Graham, Steve;  Harris, Karen;  Wang, Zhisheng;  Zheng, Guihua
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Primary Grade Chinese Writing Instruction: A Survey in Macao, Hong Kong, Taipei City, and Beijing Project
项目类型: MYRG, 项目编号: MYRG019(Y1-L1)-FED12-HTP, 2012-2014
Authors:  Hsiang, Tien Ping;  Graham, Steve;  Wang, Zhisheng
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