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Synergistic Effect of Halogen Ions and Shelling Temperature on Anion Exchange Induced Interfacial Restructuring for Highly Efficient Blue Emissive InP/ZnS Quantum Dots Journal article
Small, 2022,Volume: 18,Issue: 15
Authors:  Cui, Zhongjie;  Mei, Shiliang;  Wen, Zhuoqi;  Yang, Dan;  Qin, Shuaitao;  Xiong, Zhiyong;  Yang, Bobo;  He, Haiyang;  Bao, Rui;  Qiu, Yi;  Chen, Yuanyuan;  Zhang, Wanlu;  Xie, Fengxian;  Xing, Guichuan;  Guo, Ruiqian
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Anion Exchange  Blue Emissive  Halogen Ions  Inp/zns Quantum Dots  Interfaces  
Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Array with High-Luminance Stability and Low-Lateral Leakage by Hybridized Plasma Treatments Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 2022,Volume: 69,Issue: 3,Page: 1107-1114
Authors:  Xiong, Zhiyong;  Cui, Zhongjie;  Wen, Zhuoqi;  Hu, Zhe;  Mei, Shiliang;  Wang, Jing;  Zhang, Wanlu;  Xie, Fengxian;  Guo, Ruiqian
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Lateral Leakage  Luminance Stability  Organic Light-emitting Diodes (Oleds)  Plasma  
Exploring novel ligands with strong electron delocalization for high-performance blue CsPbBr3 perovskite nanoplatelets Journal article
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2022
Authors:  Wen, Zhuoqi;  Cui, Zhongjie;  He, Haiyang;  Yang, Dan;  Mei, Shiliang;  Yang, Bobo;  Xiong, Zhiyong;  Song, Shanliang;  Bao, Rui;  Zhang, Wanlu;  Xing, Guichuan;  Xie, Fengxian;  Guo, Ruiqian
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Recent Advances in Blue Perovskite Quantum Dots for Light-Emitting Diodes Journal article
Small, 2022,Volume: 18,Issue: 1
Authors:  He, Haiyang;  Mei, Shiliang;  Wen, Zhuoqi;  Yang, Dan;  Yang, Bobo;  Zhang, Wanlu;  Xie, Fengxian;  Xing, Guichuan;  Guo, Ruiqian
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Rapid large-scale synthesis of highly emissive solid-state metal halide perovskite quantum dots across the full visible spectrum Journal article
Optics and Laser Technology, 2021,Volume: 143
Authors:  Chen, Zhihao;  Mei, Shiliang;  He, Haiyang;  Wen, Zhuoqi;  Cui, Zhongjie;  Yang, Bobo;  Yang, Dan;  Zhang, Wanlu;  Xie, Fengxian;  Zou, Jun;  Guo, Ruiqian
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Full Visible Spectrum  Perovskite Quantum Dots  Solid Powder  White Led  Wide Color Gamut  
Thioacetamide-ligand-mediated synthesis of CsPbBr3-CsPbBr3homostructured nanocrystals with enhanced stability Journal article
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2021,Volume: 9,Issue: 34,Page: 11349-11357
Authors:  He, Haiyang;  Mei, Shiliang;  Chen, Zhihao;  Liu, Siyu;  Wen, Zhuoqi;  Cui, Zhongjie;  Yang, Dan;  Zhang, Wanlu;  Xie, Fengxian;  Yang, Bobo;  Guo, Ruiqian;  Xing, Guichuan
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Highly luminescent copper gallium selenium based multicomponent quantum dots: Formation process and tunable white-light emission Journal article
Applied Surface Science, 2021,Volume: 538
Authors:  Li, Min;  Wei, Xian;  Mei, Shiliang;  Cui, Zhongjie;  Fan, Yizhou;  Yang, Bobo;  Wen, Zhuoqi;  Xiong, Zhiyong;  Wang, Le;  Xie, Fengxian;  Zhang, Wanlu;  Guo, Ruiqian
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Copper Gallium Selenium  Formation Process  Mn Doped  Multicomponent Quantum Dots  Tunable White Emission