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Levels of reflection in student teacher digital portfolios: A matter of sociocultural context? Journal article
Reflective Practice, 2021,Volume: 22,Issue: 5,Page: 577-599
Authors:  Chye, Stefanie;  Zhou, Mingming;  Koh, Caroline;  Liu, Woon Chia
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Digital Portfolios  Reflection  Reflective Learning  Reflective Practice  Situated Cognition  Teacher Education  
Assessing Pre-Service Teachers' Teacher Identity through Eportfolio Journal article
Research Journal of Social Sciences, 2016,Volume: 9,Issue: 1,Page: 1-9
Authors:  Mingming Zhou;  Stefanie Chye;  Yek Wei Chong;  Caroline Koh;  Woon Chia Liu
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Teacher Identity  Eportfolio  Rubric  Pre-service Teachers  Dialogical Approach  
Eportfolios in initial teacher education in Singapore: Methodological issues arising from initial attempts to make meaning of artifacts Conference paper
London, UK, 9-11 July 2012
Authors:  Stefanie Chye;  Mingming Zhou;  Liu Woon Chia;  Caroline Koh;  Evelyn Chew
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