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Compliments on skin tone hamper cognitive performance of Chinese adolescent girls with stronger appearance contingent self-worth Journal article
Current Psychology, 2022
Authors:  Ching, Boby Ho Hong;  Wu, Hannah Xiaohan
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Adolescents  Appearance compliment  Cognitive performance  Contingent self-worth  Objectification  
Young Children's knowledge of fair sharing as an informal basis for understanding division: A latent profile analysis Journal article
Learning and Instruction, 2021,Volume: 73
Authors:  Ching, Boby Ho Hong;  Wu, Hannah Xiaohan
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Children  Division  Inverse Relation  Latent Profile Analysis  Mathematics  
Maternal achievement-oriented psychological control: Implications for adolescent academic contingent self-esteem and mathematics anxiety Journal article
International Journal of Behavioral Development, 2021,Volume: 45,Issue: 3,Page: 193-203
Authors:  Ching, Boby Ho Hong;  Wu, Hannah Xiaohan;  Chen, Tiffany Ting
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Chinese  Contingent Self-esteem  Mathematics Anxiety  Parental Psychological Control  Random Intercept Cross-lagged Panel Model  
Body weight contingent self-worth predicts depression in adolescent girls: The roles of self-esteem instability and interpersonal sexual objectification Journal article
Body Image, 2021,Volume: 36,Page: 74-83
Authors:  Ching, Boby Ho Hong;  Wu, Hannah Xiaohan;  Chen, Tiffany Ting
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Adolescents  Contingent Self-worth  Depression  Interpersonal Sexual Objectification  Self-esteem Instability  
“Thinness is beauty”: Predictors of anti-fat attitudes among young Chinese women Journal article
Current Psychology, 2021
Authors:  Wu, Hannah Xiaohan;  Ching, Boby Ho Hong;  He, Connie Chuting;  Li, Yuanhua
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Anti-fat attitudes  Broad conceptualization of beauty  Critical processing of media images  Objectification theory  Tripartite influence model  
Examining the reciprocal relations of mathematics anxiety to quantitative reasoning and number knowledge in Chinese children Journal article
Contemporary Educational Psychology, 2020,Volume: 63
Authors:  Ching,Boby Ho Hong;  Kong,Kenneth Hong Cheng;  Wu,Hannah Xiaohan;  Chen,Tiffany Ting
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Children  Mathematics Anxiety  Number Sense  Quantitative Reasoning  Reciprocal  
Energy Efficiency Optimization in SWIPT Enabled WSNs for Smart Agriculture Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2020,Volume: 17,Issue: 6,Page: 4335-4344
Authors:  Lu, Weidang;  Xu, Xiaohan;  Huang, Guoxing;  Li, Bo;  Wu, Yuan;  Zhao, Nan;  Yu, F. Richard
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Power Allocation  Simultaneous Wireless Information And Power Transfer (Swipt)  Smart Agriculture  Subcarrier Allocation  Wireless Sensor Networks (Wsns)  
Concreteness fading fosters children's understanding of the inversion concept in addition and subtraction Journal article
Learning and Instruction, 2019,Volume: 61,Page: 148-159
Authors:  Boby Ho-Hong Ching;  Xiaohan Wu
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Complement Principle  Concrete And Abstract Representations  Concreteness Fading  Inversion Principle/mathematical Inversion  Transfer  
Parental conflicts and materialism in adolescents: Emotional insecurity as a mediator Journal article
Journal of Adolescence, 2018,Volume: 69,Page: 189-202
Authors:  Boby Ho-Hong Ching;  Xiaohan Wu
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Chinese Adolescents  Emotional Security Theory  Family  Materialism  Parental Conflict  Perceptions Of Parents  
Inner Surface-Functionalized Graphene Aerogel Microgranules with Static Microwave Attenuation and Dynamic Infrared Shielding Journal article
LANGMUIR, 2018,Volume: 34,Issue: 30,Page: 9004-9014
Authors:  Wu, Xiaohan;  Lyu, Jing;  Hong, Guo;  Liu, Xiang-cui;  Zhang, Xuetong
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