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Female entrepreneurship in Asia: a critical review and future directions Journal article
Asian Business and Management, 2022,Volume: 21,Issue: 3,Page: 343-372
Authors:  Franzke, Sonja;  Wu, Jie;  Froese, Fabian Jintae;  Chan, Zi Xuan
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Asia  Cultural Values  Entrepreneurial Intention  Female Entrepreneurship  Leadership  Religion  
National culture and international business: A path forward Journal article
Journal of International Business Studies, 2022,Volume: 53,Issue: 3,Page: 516-533
Authors:  Shenkar, Oded;  Tallman, Stephen B.;  Wang, Hao;  Wu, Jie
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contact-based framework  cultural distance  cultural friction  national culture  paradigm shift  
Reducing poverty through the shared economy: creating inclusive entrepreneurship around institutional voids in China Journal article
Asian Business and Management, 2022,Volume: 21,Issue: 2,Page: 155-183
Authors:  Wu, Jie;  Si, Steven;  Yan, Haifeng
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Inclusive Markets  Institutional Voids  Poverty Reduction  Rural Areas  Shared Economy  
The performance impact of gender diversity in the top management team and board of directors: A multiteam systems approach Journal article
Human Resource Management, 2022,Volume: 61,Issue: 2,Page: 157-180
Authors:  Wu, Jie;  Richard, Orlando C.;  Triana, María del Carmen;  Zhang, Xinhe
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Board Of Directors  Environmental Dynamism  Gender Diversity  Innovation  Multiteam Systems  Top Management Team  
Gender Faultline Strength on Boards of Directors and Strategic Change: The Role of Environmental Conditions Journal article
Group and Organization Management, 2021,Volume: 46,Issue: 3,Page: 564-601
Authors:  Wu, Jie;  Triana, María del Carmen;  Richard, Orlando C.;  Yu, Luman
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Board Of Directors  Demographic Faultlines  Gender Faultline Strength  Strategic Change  Upper Echelons  
Institutional forces and knowledge search strategies as predictors of entrepreneurial venture performance Journal article
Journal of Small Business Management, 2021
Authors:  Wu, Jie;  Murphy, Patrick J.;  Chen, Jean Jinghan;  Bunn, Michele D.
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Institutionalism  Knowledge  Search Strategy  
How Do Mutual Dependence and Power Imbalance Condition the Effects of Technological Similarity on Post-acquisition Innovation Performance Over Time? Journal article
British Journal of Management, 2021
Authors:  Wu, Jie;  Yu, Luman;  Khan, Zaheer
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Strategic ambidexterity and innovation in Chinese multinational vs. indigenous firms: The role of managerial capability Journal article
International Business Review, 2020,Volume: 29,Issue: 6
Authors:  Wu, Jie;  Wood, Geoffrey;  Chen, Xiaoyun;  Meyer, Martin;  Liu, Zhiyang
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China  Emerging Multinational Enterprises (Emnes)  Exploration Vs. Exploitation  Managerial Capability  Product Innovation  Strategic Ambidexterity  
Network complementaries in the international expansion of emerging market firms Journal article
Journal of World Business, 2020,Volume: 55,Issue: 2
Authors:  Wu, Jie;  Ang, Siah Hwee
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Domestic Political Ties  Foreign Ties  Host Market Institutions  International Expansion  Network Complementarities  
Competing with multinational enterprises’ entry: Search strategy, environmental complexity, and survival of local firms Journal article
International Business Review, 2019,Volume: 28,Issue: 4,Page: 727-738
Authors:  Wu,Jie;  Lao,Ka Fai;  Wan,Feng;  Li,Jiatao
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Environmental complexity  Foreign entry  NK model  Retrieval capacity  Search strategy