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Scholar2vec: Vector Representation of Scholars for Lifetime Collaborator Prediction Journal article
ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data, 2021,Volume: 15,Issue: 3
Authors:  Wang, Wei;  Xia, Feng;  Wu, Jian;  Gong, Zhiguo;  Tong, Hanghang;  Davison, Brian D.
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Academic Information Retrieval  Graph Learning  Network Embedding  Scientific Collaboration  
Vehicle Trajectory Clustering Based on Dynamic Representation Learning of Internet of Vehicles Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2021,Volume: 22,Issue: 6,Page: 3567-3576
Authors:  Wang, Wei;  Xia, Feng;  Nie, Hansong;  Chen, Zhikui;  Gong, Zhiguo;  Kong, Xiangjie;  Wei, Wei
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Internet Of Vehicles  Network Representation Learning  Vehicle Trajectory Clustering  
Venue Topic Model-enhanced Joint Graph Modelling for Citation Recommendation in Scholarly Big Data Journal article
ACM Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing, 2021,Volume: 20,Issue: 1
Authors:  Wang, Wei;  Gong, Zhiguo;  Ren, Jing;  Xia, Feng;  Lv, Zhihan;  Wei, Wei
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Academic Information Retrieval  Natural Language Processing  Network Embedding  Scientific Collaboration  
Collaborator Recommendation Based on Dynamic Attribute Network Representation Learning Conference paper
Proceedings of 2020 7th IEEE International Conference on Behavioural and Social Computing, BESC 2020, Bournemouth, United Kingdom, 5-7 Nov. 2020
Authors:  Nie, Hansong;  Chen, Xiangtai;  Chu, Xinbei;  Wang, Wei;  Xu, Zhenzhen;  Xia, Feng
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Big Scholarly Data  Collaborator Recommendation  Network Representation Learning  
Data-Driven Computational Social Science: A Survey Journal article
Big Data Research, 2020,Volume: 21
Authors:  Zhang, Jun;  Wang, Wei;  Xia, Feng;  Lin, Yu Ru;  Tong, Hanghang
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Collective  Computational Social Science  Human Dynamics  Individual  Machine Learning  Relationship  
Sustainable Collaborator Recommendation Based on Conference Closure Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems, 2019,Volume: 6,Issue: 2,Page: 311-322
Authors:  Wang,Wei;  Liu,Jiaying;  Yang,Zhuo;  Kong,Xiangjie;  Xia,Feng
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Academic Information Retrieval  Collaboration Recommendation  Scientific Collaboration  
Not every couple is a pair: A supervised approach for lifetime collaborator identification Conference paper
Proceedings of the 23rd Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems: Secure ICT Platform for the 4th Industrial Revolution, PACIS 2019
Authors:  Wang,Wei;  Wan,Liangtian;  Kong,Xiangjie;  Gong,Zhiguo;  Xia,Feng
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Academic information retrieval  Lifetime collaborator  Scientific collaboration