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Solution‑Processed Transparent Conducting Electrodes for Flexible Organic Solar Cells with 16.61% Efficiency Journal article
Nano-micro letters, 2021,Volume: 13,Issue: 1,Page: 1
Authors:  Man, J.Y.;  Xia, Y.G.;  Fang, J.F.;  Zhang, Z.G.;  Xu, B.G.;  Wang, J.H.;  Ai, L.;  Song, W.J.;  Hui, K.N.;  Fan, X.;  Li, Y.F.
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Nonfullerene Organic Solar Cells, Flexible, Thermal Stability  
SCNet: Scale-aware coupling-structure network for efficient video object detection Journal article
Neurocomputing (SCI-E), 2020,Page: 283-293
Authors:  Wang, F.C.;  Xu, Z.W.;  Gan, Y.F.;  Vong, C. M.;  Liu, Q.
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Video Object Detection  Scale Variation  Deformation Anomaly  Scale-aware Module  Coupling-structure Roi Module  
On variational properties of balanced central fractional derivatives Journal article
International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 2018,Page: 1195-1209
Authors:  Xu, Y.F.;  Sun, H. W.;  Sheng, Q.
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Fractional derivatives  left-sided and right-sided formulae  fractional differential equations  Ritz–Galerkin method  weak solutions  variational principal  
An oestrogen-receptor-α-bound human chromatin interactome Journal article
Nature, 2009,Volume: 462,Issue: 7269,Page: 58-64
Authors:  Fullwood M.J.;  Liu M.H.;  Pan Y.F.;  Liu J.;  Xu H.;  Mohamed Y.B.;  Orlov Y.L.;  Velkov S.;  Ho A.;  Mei P.H.;  Chew E.G.Y.;  Huang P.Y.H.;  Welboren W.-J.;  Han Y.;  Ooi H.S.;  Ariyaratne P.N.;  Vega V.B.;  Luo Y.;  Tan P.Y.;  Choy P.Y.;  Wansa K.D.S.A.;  Zhao B.;  Lim K.S.;  Leow S.C.;  Yow J.S.;  Joseph R.;  Li H.;  Desai K.V.;  Thomsen J.S.;  Lee Y.K.;  Karuturi R.K.M.;  Herve T.;  Bourque G.;  Stunnenberg H.G.;  Ruan X.;  Cacheux-Rataboul V.;  Sung W.-K.;  Liu E.T.;  Wei C.-L.;  Cheung E.;  Ruan Y.
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