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Design and Testing of a Hollow Continuum Magnetic Millirobot with Multimodal Motion Journal article
Actuators, 2022,Volume: 11,Issue: 10
Authors:  Chen, Yuanhe;  Xu, Zichen;  Xu, Qingsong
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Continuum Millirobot  Magnetic Actuation  Mechanism Design  Microrobotics  Untethered Soft Robot  
Collective Behaviors of Magnetic Microparticle Swarms: From Dexterous Tentacles to Reconfigurable Carpets Journal article
ACS Nano, 2022
Authors:  Xu, Zichen;  Xu, Qingsong
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Magnetic Actuation  Microrobots  Swarm Control  Collective Behaviors  Micromanipulation  
SmartDL: energy-aware decremental learning in a mobile-based federation for geo-spatial system Journal article
Neural Computing and Applications, 2021
Authors:  Zou, Wenting;  Li, Li;  Xu, Zichen;  Wu, Dan;  Xu, Cheng Zhong;  Wang, Yuhao;  Zhu, Haoyang;  Sun, Xiao
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Data privacy  Energy management  Federated learning  Mobile computing  
Multi-level Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Automated Terminal Equipment Effectiveness Based on Covariance-Analytic Conference paper
Proceedings - 2021 2nd International Conference on Big Data Economy and Information Management, BDEIM 2021
Authors:  Chu, Liangyong;  Zuo, Shiping;  Yan, Miao;  Hu, Meili;  Huang, Xicheng;  Xu, Xiaowei;  Liu, Linwei;  Lin, Zichen
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Automated terminal  Effectiveness evaluation  Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation  Index system