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NFTSM control of direct yaw moment for autonomous electric vehicles with consideration of tire nonlinear mechanical properties Journal article
Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Technical Sciences, 2022,Volume: 69,Issue: 3
Authors:  Sun, X.Q.;  Wang, Y.J.;  Cai, Y.F.;  Wong, P. K.;  Chen, L.
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Autonomous Electric Vehicles  Direct Yaw Moment Control (Dyc)  Tire Nonlinear Mechanical Properties  Nonsingular Fast Terminal Sliding Mode (Nftsm)  Trust-region Interior-point Method  
Identification of a piecewise affine model for the tire cornering characteristics based on experimental data Journal article
Nonlinear Dynamics (SCI-E), 2020,Page: 857-874
Authors:  Sun, X.Q.;  Hu, W.W.;  Cai, Y.F.;  Wong, P. K.;  Chen, L.
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Tire  Cornering characteristics  Modeling  Piecewise affine identification  Experimental data  
Post-fire mechanical and corrosion properties of duplex stainless steel: Comparison with ordinary reinforcing-bar steel Journal article
Authors:  Xiang Li;  K.H. Lo;  C.T. Kwok;  Y.F. Sun;  K.K. Lai
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Duplex Stainless Steel  Post-fire Property  Spinodal Decomposition  Tensile Behaviour  Pitting Behaviour  
On variational properties of balanced central fractional derivatives Journal article
International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 2018,Page: 1195-1209
Authors:  Xu, Y.F.;  Sun, H. W.;  Sheng, Q.
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Fractional derivatives  left-sided and right-sided formulae  fractional differential equations  Ritz–Galerkin method  weak solutions  variational principal  
Integrative model of genomic factors for determining binding site selection by estrogen receptor-α Journal article
Molecular Systems Biology, 2010,Volume: 6
Authors:  Joseph R.;  Orlov Y.L.;  Huss M.;  Sun W.;  Li Kong S.;  Ukil L.;  Pan Y.F.;  Li G.;  Lim M.;  Thomsen J.S.;  Ruan Y.;  Clarke N.D.;  Prabhakar S.;  Cheung E.;  Liu E.T.
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Chromatin  Dna Binding  Modeling  Recognition Motifs  Transcription Factor