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A binary PSO-based ensemble under-sampling model for rebalancing imbalanced training data Journal article
Journal of Supercomputing, 2022,Volume: 78,Issue: 5,Page: 7428-7463
Authors:  Li, Jinyan;  Wu, Yaoyang;  Fong, Simon;  Tallón-Ballesteros, Antonio J.;  Yang, Xin she;  Mohammed, Sabah;  Wu, Feng
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Binary Pso  Ensemble  Imbalanced Classification  Integrity  Multi-objective  Under-sampling  
Towards enhancement of performance of K-means clustering using nature-inspired optimization algorithms Journal article
Scientific World Journal, 2014,Volume: 2014
Authors:  Fong,Simon;  Deb,Suash;  Yang,Xin She;  Zhuang,Yan
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Metaheuristic algorithms: Optimal balance of intensification and diversification Journal article
Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences, 2014,Volume: 8,Issue: 3,Page: 977-983
Authors:  Yang,Xin She;  Deb,Suash;  Fong,Simon
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Cuckoo search  Eagle strategy  Metaheuristic  Performance evaluation  
Bat algorithm is better than intermittent search strategy Journal article
Journal of Multiple-Valued Logic and Soft Computing, 2014,Volume: 22,Issue: 3,Page: 223-237
Authors:  Yang,Xin She;  Deb,Suash;  Fong,Simon
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Feature selection in life science classification: Metaheuristic swarm search Journal article
IT Professional, 2014,Volume: 16,Issue: 4,Page: 24-29
Authors:  Fong,Simon;  Deb,Suash;  Yang,Xin She;  Li,Jinyan
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Bioinformatics  Biomedical Informatics  Classification  Feature Selection  Healthcare  Information Technology  Metaheuristics  Swarm Intelligence