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What constitutes a favorable destination brand portfolio? Through the lens of coherence Journal article
Tourism Management, 2022,Volume: 90,Page: 104480
Authors:  Yang, Fiona X.;  Li, Xiangping;  Choe, Yeongbae
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Attitude  Brand Portfolio Coherence  Destination Branding  Loyalty  Self-congruity  
Family life cycle and preferences for a mega-sporting event package: The case of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games Journal article
Tourism Economics, 2021,Volume: 27,Issue: 3,Page: 548-568
Authors:  Kim, Hyesun;  Baek, Jooa;  Choe, Yeongbae
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Choice Experiment  Event Package  Family Life Cycle  Mega-sporting Event  Preference  
Risk perception and visit intention on Olympic destination: Symmetric and asymmetric approaches Journal article
Journal of Vacation Marketing, 2021
Authors:  Choe, Yeongbae;  Kim, Hany
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Destination management  fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis  host city image  risk perceptions  structural equation modelling  visit intention  
Differential effects of the valence and volume of online reviews on customer share of visits: The case of US casual dining restaurant brands Journal article
Sustainability (Switzerland), 2020,Volume: 12,Issue: 13
Authors:  Baek, Jooa;  Choe, Yeongbae
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Customer Share Of Visit  Hierarchical Linear Modeling  Online Review  Valence  Volume  
Role of patriotism in explaining event attendance intention and media consumption intention: the case of Rio 2016 Journal article
Current Issues in Tourism, 2020,Volume: 23,Issue: 5,Page: 523-529
Authors:  Choe, Yeongbae;  Kim, Hany;  Cho, Inje
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Event Attendance Intention  Media Consumption Intention  Mega-event  Model Of Goal-directed Behavior  Patriotism  
Determinants of hotel guests’ service experiences: an examination of differences between lifestyle and traditional hotels Journal article
Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management, 2020,Volume: 29,Issue: 1,Page: 88-105
Authors:  Baek, Jooa;  Choe, Yeongbae;  Ok, Chihyung Michael
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Big Data Analytics  Guest Experience  Lifestyle Hotel  Online Review  Uniqueness  
Traveling to your match? Assessing the predictive potential of Plog’s travel personality in destination marketing Journal article
Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 2019,Volume: 36,Issue: 9,Page: 1025-1036
Authors:  Kim, Hany;  Yilmaz, Semih;  Choe, Yeongbae
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destination promotion  personality-driven marketing  Plog’s travel personality  Psychocentric-allocentric  self-congruity  
How can a destination better manage its offering to visitors? Observing visitor experiences via online reviews Journal article
Sustainability (Switzerland), 2019,Volume: 11,Issue: 17
Authors:  Kim, Hany;  Joun, Hyo Jae;  Choe, Yeongbae;  Schroeder, Ashley
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Destination attribute  Destination offering  Economic sustainability  Local attraction  Micro-scale destination  Online review  UCG  Visitor experience  
Customers’ needs satisfaction: A scale validation with refinement in the integrated resort setting Journal article
International Journal of Hospitality Management, 2019,Volume: 82,Page: 39-47
Authors:  Ahn,Jiseon;  Back,Ki Joon;  Choe,Yeongbae
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Cross-cultural study  Eudaimonic well-being  Hedonic well-being  Integrated resort  Needs satisfaction  Scale validation  
Destination-selection attributes for international association meetings: A mixed-methods study Journal article
Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 2019,Volume: 13,Page: 61-72
Authors:  Deokhyun Jo;  Hyo-Yeun Park;  Yeongbae Choe;  Dae-Kwan Kim
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International Association  Destination Selection  Selection Attributes  Buying Center  Cvbs  Meetings And Conventions