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Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation over the Primary Motor Cortex in Improving Postural Stability in Healthy Young Adults Journal article
Biology, 2022,Volume: 11,Issue: 9
Authors:  Hou, Jinqian;  Nitsche, Michael A.;  Yi, Longyan;  Kong, Zhaowei;  Qi, Fengxue
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Dynamic Postural Stability  Jump-landing Task  Non-invasive Brain Stimulation  Postural Balance Control  Single-leg Stand  Static Postural Stability  
High-Intensity Interval Training in Normobaric Hypoxia Improves Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Overweight Chinese Young Women Journal article
Frontiers in Physiology, 2017,Volume: 8,Page: Article 175
Authors:  Kong,Zhaowei;  Shi,Qingde;  Nie,Jinlei;  Tong,Tomas K.;  Song,Lili;  Yi,Longyan;  Hu,Yang
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Normobaric Hypoxia  High-intensity Interval Training  Maximal Oxygen Uptake  Blood Lipids  Leptin  Body Composition