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Gaming to cope: Applying network analysis to understand the relationship between posttraumatic stress symptoms and internet gaming disorder symptoms among disaster-exposed Chinese young adults Journal article
Addictive Behaviors, 2022,Volume: 124
Authors:  Yuan, Guangzhe Frank;  Shi, Wei;  Elhai, Jon D.;  Montag, Christian;  Chang, Kay;  Jackson, Todd;  Hall, Brian J.
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Disaster  Internet Gaming Disorder  Network Analysis  Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms  Typhoon  
Longitudinal Associations between Cyberbullying Victimization, Mindfulness, Depression, and Anxiety: A Mediation Analysis Journal article
Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma, 2022,Volume: 31,Issue: 1,Page: 121-132
Authors:  Liu, Caimeng;  Liu, Zhen;  Yuan, Guangzhe
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Adolescents  Anxiety  Cyberbullying Victimization  Depression  Mindfulness  
Mental Disorders and Emotional Competence Among Chinese Adolescents Before and During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Longitudinal Mediation Model Journal article
Frontiers in Public Health, 2021,Volume: 9
Authors:  Shi, Wei;  Yuan, Guangzhe Frank;  Hall, Brian J.;  Liu, Xiaoli;  Su, Ya;  Zhao, Li;  Jia, Peng
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anxiety  COVID-19 exposure  depression  emotional competence  longitudinal mediation model  
Cyberbullying victimization and problematic Internet use among Chinese adolescents: Longitudinal mediation through mindfulness and depression Journal article
Journal of Health Psychology, 2021,Volume: 26,Issue: 14,Page: 2822-2831
Authors:  Liu, Caimeng;  Liu, Zhen;  Yuan, Guangzhe
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Adolescents  Cyberbullying Victimization  Depression  Mindfulness  Problematic Internet Use  
Longitudinal cross-lagged analyses between cyberbullying perpetration, mindfulness and depression among Chinese high school students Journal article
Journal of Health Psychology, 2021,Volume: 26,Issue: 11,Page: 1872-1881
Authors:  Yuan, Guangzhe;  Liu, Zhen
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adolescents  cyberbullying  depression  longitudinal  mindfulness  
A Network Analysis of the Associations Between Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Posttraumatic Growth Among Disaster-Exposed Chinese Young Adults Journal article
Journal of Traumatic Stress, 2021,Volume: 34,Issue: 4,Page: 786-798
Authors:  Yuan, Guangzhe;  Park, Crystal L.;  Birkeland, Samuel R.;  Yip, Paul S.Y.;  Hall, Brian J.
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Associations between posttraumatic stress symptoms, perceived social support and psychological distress among disaster-exposed Chinese young adults: A three-wave longitudinal mediation model Journal article
Journal of Psychiatric Research, 2021,Volume: 137,Page: 491-497
Authors:  Yuan, Guangzhe;  Shi, Wei;  Lowe, Sarah;  Chang, Kay;  Jackson, Todd;  Hall, Brian J.
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Longitudinal Mediation  Perceived Social Support  Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms  Psychological Distress  
Associations between Cyberbullying Perpetration, Sleep Quality, and Emotional Distress among Adolescents: A Two-Wave Cross-Lagged Analysis Journal article
Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 2021,Volume: 209,Issue: 2,Page: 123-127
Authors:  Liu, Caimeng;  Liu, Zhen;  Yuan, Guangzhe
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adolescents  cross-lagged  Cyberbullying  emotional distress  sleep quality  
The influence of depressive symptoms and fear of missing out on severity of problematic smartphone use and Internet gaming disorder among Chinese young adults: A three-wave mediation model Journal article
Addictive Behaviors, 2021,Volume: 112
Authors:  Yuan, Guangzhe;  Elhai, Jon D.;  Hall, Brian J.
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Depression  Fear Of Missing Out  Internet Gaming Disorder  Problematic Smartphone Use  
Machiavellianism, Mindfulness and Cyberbullying among Chinese Junior High School Students: The Mediating Role of Empathy Journal article
Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma, 2020,Volume: 29,Issue: 9,Page: 1047-1058
Authors:  Yuan, Guangzhe;  Liu, Zhen;  An, Yuanyuan
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Adolescents  Cyberbullying  Empathy  Machiavellianism  Mindfulness