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Spatiotemporal control of engineered bacteria to express interferon-γ by focused ultrasound for tumor immunotherapy Journal article
Nature Communication, 2022,Volume: 13,Issue: 1,Page: 1-15
Authors:  Yuhao Chen;  Meng Du;  Zhen Yuan;  Zhiyi Chen;  Fei Yan
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医学影象学, 光学工程, 肿瘤治疗学  
Oxygen-carrying biomimetic nanoplatform for sonodynamic killing of bacteria and treatment of infection diseases Journal article
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 2022,Volume: 84
Authors:  Geng, Xiaorui;  Chen, Yuhao;  Chen, Zhiyi;  Wei, Xianyuan;  Dai, Yunlu;  Yuan, Zhen
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Hemoglobin  Infection Diseases  Metal Organic Frameworks (Mofs)  Multidrug-resistant (Mdr) Bacteria  Nanomedicine  Sonodynamic Therapy  
Ultrasound Neuromodulation: Integrating Medicine and Engineering for Neurological Disease Treatment Journal article
BIO Integration, 2021,Volume: 2,Issue: 4,Page: 169-179
Authors:  Chen, Yuhao;  Li, Yue;  Du, Meng;  Yu, Jinsui;  Gao, Fei;  Yuan, Zhen;  Chen, Zhiyi
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Nanogenerator  Neurological Disease  Neuromodulation  Sonogenetics  Ultrasound  
Growth, spectroscopic features and efficient 2 μm continuous-wave laser output of a Tm3+: Gd0.1Y0.9AlO3 disordered crystal Journal article
Optics and Laser Technology, 2020,Volume: 131
Authors:  Wang, Yuhao;  Chen, Xuguang;  Zhang, Peixiong;  Li, Zhen;  Hang, Yin;  Ji, Encai;  Li, Haifeng;  Chen, Zhenqiang
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Disordered Crystal  Mid-infrared Laser  Optical Properties  Tm3++++: Gd0.1y0.9alo3 Crystal  
Broadened effect of Dy around 3 μm of Yb/Er/Dy: PbF2 crystal for broadband tunable lasers Journal article
Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2020,Volume: 103,Issue: 8,Page: 4445-4452
Authors:  Wang, Yuhao;  Zhang, Peixiong;  Zhu, Siqi;  Yin, Hao;  Li, Zhen;  Ji, Encai;  Hang, Yin;  Li, Haifeng;  Chen, Zhenqiang
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Crystal Growth  Energy Transfer  Infrared Techniques  Judd-ofelt Parameters  Luminescence  
Ultrasound Responsive Magnetic Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle-Loaded Microbubbles for Efficient Gene Delivery Journal article
ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, 2020,Volume: 6,Issue: 5,Page: 2904-2912
Authors:  Du,Meng;  Chen,Yuhao;  Tu,Jiawei;  Liufu,Chun;  Yu,Jinsui;  Yuan,Zhen;  Gong,Xiaojing;  Chen,Zhiyi
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Ultrasound  Microbubble  Magnetic Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle  Gene Delivery  
Multi-view convolutional neural network with leader and long-tail particle swarm optimizer for enhancing heart disease and breast cancer detection Journal article
Neural Computing and Applications, 2020,Volume: 32,Issue: 19,Page: 15469-15488
Authors:  Kun Lan;  Liansheng Liu;  Tengyue Li;  Yuhao Chen;  Simon Fong;  Joao Alexandre Lobo Marques;  Raymond K. Wong;  Rui Tang
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Convolutional Neural Network  Leader And Long-tail  Particle Swarm Optimization  Parameter Optimization  Heart Disease  Breast Cancer  
Efficiently strengthen and broaden 3 μm fluorescence in PbF2 crystal by Er3+/Ho3+ as co-luminescence centers and Pr3+ deactivation Journal article
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2019,Volume: 811
Authors:  Huang, Xingbin;  Wang, Yuhao;  Zhang, Peixiong;  Su, Zikang;  Xu, Jingdong;  Xin, Kunyuan;  Hang, Yin;  Zhu, Siqi;  Yin, Hao;  Li, Zhen;  Chen, Zhenqiang;  Zheng, Yi;  Li, Haifeng
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Bridgman Method  Energy Transfer  Er/ho/pr  Mid-infrared  Pbf2 Crystal  
Enhancement of two-photon absorption photoresponse based on whispering gallery modes Journal article
NANOSCALE, 2018,Volume: 10,Issue: 29,Page: 14047-14054
Authors:  Zhiyang Chen;  Guanlin Lou;  Hai Zhu;  Anqi Chen;  Yanyan Wu;  Yuhao Ren;  Jinyu Li;  Zhiren Qiu;  Xuchun Gui;  Zikang Tang
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Low-Threshold Whispering-Gallery Mode Upconversion Lasing via Simultaneous Six-Photon Absorption Journal article
ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, 2018,Volume: 6,Issue: 17
Authors:  Anqi Chen;  Hai Zhu;  Yanyan Wu;  Decheng Yang;  Jinyu Li;  Siufung Yu;  Zhiyang Chen;  Yuhao Ren;  Xuchun Gui;  Shuangpeng Wang;  Zikang Tang
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Lasing  Microcavities  Multiphoton Absorption  Upconversion