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Sharper Sub-Weibull Concentrations Journal article
Mathematics, 2022,Volume: 10,Issue: 13
Authors:  Zhang, Huiming;  Wei, Haoyu
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Constants-specified Concentration Inequalities  Exponential Tail Bounds  Heavy-tailed Random Variables  Lower Bounds On The Least Singular Value  Sub-weibull Parameter  
Sparse density estimation with measurement errors Journal article
Entropy, 2022,Volume: 24,Issue: 1
Authors:  Yang, Xiaowei;  Zhang, Huiming;  Wei, Haoyu;  Zhang, Shouzheng
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Density Estimation  Elastic-net  Measurement Errors  Multi-mode Data  Support Recovery  
Law of iterated logarithm and model selection consistency for generalized linear models with independent and dependent responses Journal article
Frontiers of Mathematics in China, 2021,Volume: 16,Issue: 3,Page: 825-856
Authors:  Yang, Xiaowei;  Song, Shuang;  Zhang, Huiming
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60f15  62f12  62j12  Consistency  Generalized Linear Models (Glms)  Model Selection  Non-natural Link Function  Weakly Dependent  Weighted Scores Method