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Efficient residual attention network for single image super-resolution Journal article
Applied Intelligence, 2022,Volume: 52,Issue: 1,Page: 652-661
Authors:  Hao, Fangwei;  Zhang, Taiping;  Zhao, Linchang;  Tang, Yuanyan
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Channel Hourglass Residual Structure  Efficient Channel Attention Mechanism  Efficient Residual Attention Network  Image Super-resolution  
Siamese pyramid residual module with local binary convolution network for single object tracking Journal article
International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing, 2021,Volume: 19,Issue: 6
Authors:  Nie, Yan;  Zhang, Taiping;  Zhao, Linchang;  Ma, Xindi;  Tang, Yuanyan;  Liu, Xiaoyu
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Local binary convolution network  Object tracking  Pyramid residual module  Siamese networks  
Multi-focus image fusion with Geometrical Sparse Representation Journal article
Signal Processing: Image Communication, 2021,Volume: 92
Authors:  Tan, Jin;  Zhang, Taiping;  Zhao, Linchang;  Luo, Xiaoliu;  Tang, Yuan Yan
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Average Pooling  Geometrical Sparse Representation  Multi-focus Image Fusion  
Indian Buffet Process-Based on Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Single Binary Component Conference paper
Conference Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
Authors:  Ma, Xindi;  Gao, Jie;  Liu, Xiaoyu;  Zhang, Taiping;  Tang, Yuan Yan
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exponential Gaussian model  Indian buffet process  nonnegative matrix factorization  single binary components  
Low-rank matrix recovery from noise via an mdl framework-based atomic norm Journal article
Sensors (Switzerland), 2020,Volume: 20,Issue: 21,Page: 1-21
Authors:  Qin, Anyong;  Xian, Lina;  Yang, Yongliang;  Zhang, Taiping;  Yan Tang, Yuan
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Atomic Norm  Low-rank Matrix Recovery  Minimum Description Length Principle  Robust Principal Components Analysis  
Adaptive parameter estimation of GMM and its application in clustering Journal article
Future Generation Computer Systems, 2020,Volume: 106,Page: 250-259
Authors:  Zhao, Linchang;  Shang, Zhaowei;  Tan, Jin;  Luo, Xiaoliu;  Zhang, Taiping;  Wei, Yu;  Tang, Yuan Yan
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Machine Learning  Parameter Estimation  Data Clustering  Variational Bayesian Expected Maximum  
A cost-sensitive meta-learning classifier: SPFCNN-Miner Journal article
Future Generation Computer Systems, 2019,Volume: 100,Page: 1031-1043
Authors:  Zhao, Linchang;  Shang, Zhaowei;  Qin, Anyong;  Zhang, Taiping;  Zhao, Ling;  Wei, Yu;  Tang, Yuan Yan
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Cost-sensitive learning  Data mining  Few-shot learning  Machine learning  Meta learning  Siamese parallel fully-connected networks  
Software defect prediction via cost-sensitive Siamese parallel fully-connected neural networks Journal article
Neurocomputing, 2019,Volume: 352,Page: 64-74
Authors:  Zhao, Linchang;  Shang, Zhaowei;  Zhao, Ling;  Zhang, Taiping;  Tang, Yuan Yan
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Cost-sensitive learning  Deep learning  Few-shot learning  Siamese parallel fully-connected networks  Software defect prediction  
Sparse Representation on Single Image Conference paper
International Conference on Wavelet Analysis and Pattern Recognition
Authors:  Tan, Jin;  Zhang, Taiping;  Tang, Yuan Yan
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Face recognition  Single image  Sparse representation  
Distribution Preserving Network Embedding Conference paper
ICASSP, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings, Brighton, ENGLAND, MAY 12-17, 2019
Authors:  Qin, Anyong;  Shang, Zhaowei;  Zhang, Taiping;  Tang, Yuan Yan
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Clustering  Distribution Preserving  Manifold Structure  Part-based Representation  Sparse Autoencoder