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Rational and irrational beliefs: A metacognitive perspective of academic procrastination Journal article
Journal of Genetic Psychology, 2022,Volume: 183,Page: 23-39
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Assessing the Intention to Use Sports Bracelets Among Chinese University Students: An Extension of Technology Acceptance Model With Sports Motivation Journal article
Frontiers in Psychology, 2022,Volume: 13
Authors:  Wang, Yi;  Zhang, Xiaotian;  Wang, Li
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Intention To Use Technology  Sports Bracelet  Sports Motivation  Technology Acceptance Model  University Students  
Validation of an adolescent version of the Parental Meta-Emotion Philosophy Scale Journal article
Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science, 2022
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Rational and Irrational Beliefs in Understanding Academic Procrastination Journal article
Journal of Genetic Psychology, 2022,Volume: 183,Issue: 1,Page: 23-39
Authors:  Li, Xiaochun;  Zhou, Mingming;  Zhang, Xiaotian
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Academic Procrastination  Irrational Belief  Rational Belief  
Exploring potential mechanisms of Suhexiang Pill against COVID-19 based on network pharmacology and molecular docking Journal article
Medicine (United States), 2021,Volume: 100,Issue: 51
Authors:  Li, Jialin;  Huang, Zhihong;  Lu, Shan;  Luo, Hua;  Tan, Yingying;  Ye, Peizhi;  Liu, Xinkui;  Wu, Zhishan;  Wu, Chao;  Stalin, Antony;  Wang, Haojia;  Liu, Yingying;  Shen, Liangliang;  Fan, Xiaotian;  Zhang, Bei;  Yi, Jianping;  Yao, Lu;  Xu, Yi;  Wu, Jiarui;  Duan, Xianchun
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Coronavirus Disease 2019  Molecular Docking  Molecular Mechanism  Network Pharmacology  Suhexiang Pill  
An exploration of Chinese students' perceived barriers to effective intercultural communication Journal article
Journal of Language and Cultural Education, 2021,Volume: 9,Issue: 2,Page: 11-31
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Exploring lexical bundles in low proficiency level L2 learners' English writing: An ETS corpus study Journal article
Applied Linguistics Review, 2021
Authors:  Li, Mo;  Zhang, Xiaotian;  Reynolds, Barry Lee
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Ets Corpus  L2 English Writing  Lexical Bundles  Low English Proficiency  
Dissecting the novel mechanism of reduning injection in treating Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) based on network pharmacology and experimental verification Journal article
Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2021,Volume: 273
Authors:  Jia, Shanshan;  Luo, Hua;  Liu, Xinkui;  Fan, Xiaotian;  Huang, Zhihong;  Lu, Shan;  Shen, Liangliang;  Guo, Siyu;  Liu, Yingying;  Wang, Zhenzhong;  Cao, Liang;  Cao, Zeyu;  Zhang, Xinzhuang;  Zhou, Wei;  Zhang, Jingyuan;  Li, Jialin;  Wu, Jiarui;  Xiao, Wei
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Covid-19  Molecular Docking  Network Pharmacology  Reduning Injection  Sars-cov-2  Western Blot  
Windows and mirrors? Cultural authenticity of Chinese-themed children’s books Journal article
Educational Studies, 2021
Authors:  Zhang, Xiaotian;  Wang, Yan
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Acculturation  Cultural Authenticity  Cultural Stereotypes  Multicultural Education  Multicultural Literature  
Can Mobile Apps Promote Intercultural Competence? Conference paper
Prague, 2020-07
Authors:  Xiaotian Zhang;  Mingming Zhou
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