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The influence of consumers' implicit self-theories on homestay accommodation selection Journal article
International Journal of Tourism Research, 2021,Volume: 23,Issue: 6,Page: 1059-1072
Authors:  Leung, Daniel;  Tuan Phong, Ly;  Fong, Lawrence Hoc Nang;  Zhang, Carol Xiaoyue
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Accommodation Choice  Entity Theorist  Homestays  Implicit Self-theories  Incremental Theorist  Signalling Mechanism  
Culture mindsets and intention to stay in foreign peer-to-peer accommodation: Exploring underlying mechanisms Journal article
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 2021,Volume: 48,Page: 110-118
Authors:  Fong, Lawrence Hoc Nang;  Leung, Daniel;  Ly, Tuan Phong;  Zhang, Carol Xiaoyue
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Cross-cultural Difference  Implicit Theories  Lay Theories  P2p Accommodation  Psychological Essentialism  Sharing Economy  
Investigating the motivations and constraints of Chinese peer-to-peer accommodation hosts Journal article
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 2021,Volume: 33,Issue: 1,Page: 305-326
Authors:  Li, Shi Na;  Fong, Lawrence Hoc Nang;  Zhang, Carol Xiaoyue;  Chen, Mengxin
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Business scale  Constraints  Continuance intention  Hosts  Motivations  P2P accommodation  
National identity and cultural festivals in postcolonial destinations Journal article
Tourism Management, 2019,Volume: 73,Page: 94-104
Authors:  Zhang,Carol Xiaoyue;  Fong,Lawrence Hoc Nang;  Li,Shi Na;  Ly,Tuan Phong
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Emotion  Festivalscapes  Macao  National Identity  Postcolonial  
Co-creation experience and place attachment: Festival evaluation Journal article
International Journal of Hospitality Management, 2019,Volume: 81,Page: 193-204
Authors:  Zhang,Carol Xiaoyue;  Fong,Lawrence Hoc Nang;  Li,Shi Na
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Co-creation  Cultural Festival  Customer-to-customer Logic  Place Attachment  Satisfaction