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Reliability of an injection-moulded two-piece zirconia implant with PEKK abutment after long-term thermo-mechanical loading Journal article
Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 2020,Volume: 110
Authors:  Zhang, Fei;  Meyer zur Heide, Christoph;  Chevalier, Jérome;  Vleugels, Jozef;  Van Meerbeek, Bart;  Wesemann, Christian;  Camargo dos Santos, Bernardo;  Sergo, Valter;  Kohal, Ralf Joachim;  Adolfsson, Erik;  Herklotz, Insa;  Spies, Benedikt C.
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Ageing  Fatigue  Pekk  Two-piece Implants  Zirconia  
Forty years after the promise of «ceramic steel?»: Zirconia-based composites with a metal-like mechanical behavior Journal article
Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2020,Volume: 103,Issue: 3,Page: 1482-1513
Authors:  Chevalier, Jérôme;  Liens, Aléthéa;  Reveron, Helen;  Zhang, Fei;  Reynaud, Pascal;  Douillard, Thierry;  Preiss, Laura;  Sergo, Valter;  Lughi, Vanni;  Swain, Mike;  Courtois, Nicolas
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Phase Transformations  Plasticity  Zirconia  
Altered resting-state functional connectivity of the insula in individuals with clinical high-risk and patients with first-episode schizophrenia Journal article
Psychiatry Research, 2019,Volume: 282
Authors:  Li,Xian Bin;  Wang,Lu Bin;  Xiong,Yan Bing;  Bo,Qi Jing;  He,Fan;  Li,Feng;  Hou,Wen Peng;  Wen,Yu Jie;  Wang,Xue Qi;  Yang,Ning Bo;  Mao,Zhen;  Dong,Qian Hong;  Zhang,Fei Fei;  Yang,Rui;  Wang,Di;  Xiang,Yu Tao;  Zhu,Yu Yang;  Tang,Yi Lang;  Yang,Zheng;  Wang,Chuan Yue
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Clinical high-risk  Insula  Resting-state functional connectivity  Schizophrenia