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Toosendanin, a late-stage autophagy inhibitor, sensitizes triple-negative breast cancer to irinotecan chemotherapy Journal article
Chinese Medicine (United Kingdom), 2022,Volume: 17,Issue: 1
Authors:  Zhang, Shuang;  Dong, Yu;  Chen, Xiuping;  Tan, Chris Soon Heng;  Li, Min;  Miao, Kai;  Lu, Jia Hong
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Apoptosis  Autophagy Inhibition  Irinotecan  Lysosome  Sn-38  Toosendanin  Triple-negative Breast Cancer  
Preparation of novel anthraquinone-based aspirin derivatives with anti-cancer activity Journal article
European Journal of Pharmacology, 2021,Volume: 900
Authors:  Lin, Shan;  Zhang, Yue;  Wang, Zeyu;  Zhang, Shuang;  Li, Yingjie;  Fan, Yuhua;  Li, Dan;  Li, Sen;  Bai, Yuhua
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Anthraquinone  Aspirin  Derivatives  Gastric Cancer  Synthesis  
A review on analytical modeling for collapse mode capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer of the collapse voltage and the static membrane deflections Journal article
Micromachines, 2021,Volume: 12,Issue: 6
Authors:  Wang, Jiujiang;  Liu, Xin;  Yu, Yuanyu;  Li, Yao;  Cheng, Ching Hsiang;  Zhang, Shuang;  Mak, Peng Un;  Vai, Mang I.;  Pun, Sio Hang
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Analytical Modeling  Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer (Cmut)  Collapse Mode  Collapse Voltage  Membrane Deflection  
Metasurface-based key for computational imaging encryption Journal article
Science Advances, 2021,Volume: 7,Issue: 21
Authors:  Zheng, Peixia;  Dai, Qi;  Li, Zile;  Ye, Zhiyuan;  Xiong, Jun;  Liu, Hong Chao;  Zheng, Guoxing;  Zhang, Shuang
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An association study between MiR-146a and INSR gene polymorphisms and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in Northeastern Han Chinese population Journal article
Placenta, 2021,Volume: 104,Page: 94-101
Authors:  Lu,Rui;  Liu,Nana;  Feng,Xiu;  Feng,Yanan;  Zhang,Shuang;  Wu,Yingnan;  Jia,Tianshuang;  Yang,Xuan;  Lee,Leo Tsz On;  Sun,Litao
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Hypertensive Disorders Of Pregnancy  Insr  Mir-146a  Pre-eclampsia  Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms  
Design and experiment of capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer array for high-frequency underwater imaging Journal article
Recent Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2021,Volume: 14,Issue: 2,Page: 233-240
Authors:  Yu, Yuanyu;  Wang, Jiujiang;  Liu, Xin;  Pun, Sio H.;  Qiu, Weibao;  Zhang, Shuang;  Cheng, Ching H.;  Lei, Kin F.;  Vai, Mang I.;  Mak, Peng U.
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Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer  Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT)  Device design  Sacrificial release process  Underwater imaging  Zirconate Titanate  
Boundary conditions analysis of circular capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT) devices Other
Authors:  Wang, Jiujiang;  Yu, Yuanyu;  Kuang, Jiangming;  Zhang, Shuang;  Xu, Jing;  Liu, Xin
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Analytical solution  CMUT  Elastic support boundary condition (BC)  Fabrication method  Fixed BC  Governing equations  
Initial Study of Emotion Recognition Using Brain Rhythm Sequencing Method Conference paper
IFMBE Proceedings
Authors:  Li, Jia Wen;  Barma, Shovan;  Pun, Sio Hang;  Vai, Mang I.;  Wang, Pan Ke;  Liu, Xin;  Yu, Yuan Yu;  Wang, Jiu Jiang;  Zhang, Shuang;  Mak, Peng Un
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Brian rhythm sequencing  Electroencephalography (EEG)  Emotion recognition  Sequence classification  
The pharmacological activity of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) on Alzheimer's disease animal model: A systematic review Journal article
Phytomedicine, 2020,Volume: 79
Authors:  Zhang,Shuang;  Zhu,Qi;  Chen,Jia Yue;  OuYang,Defang;  Lu,Jia Hong
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Ad Animal Models  Alzheimer's Disease  Clinical Trials  Egcg  Neuroprotective Effects  Systematic Review  
Dual-channel sensing by combining geometric and dynamic phases with an ultrathin metasurface Journal article
Optics Express, 2020,Volume: 28,Issue: 19,Page: 28612-28620
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