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Perceptions of authorial voice: Why discrepancies exist Journal article
Assessing Writing, 2022,Volume: 53
Authors:  Zhao, Cecilia Guanfang;  Wu, Jincheng
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Rater differences  Second language writing  Voice  Writing assessment  
“I won’t try my best”: a narrative inquiry of a student’s graduation policy appropriation Journal article
Asia Pacific Education Review, 2021,Volume: 22,Issue: 4,Page: 743-755
Authors:  Yu, Chengyuan;  Zhao, Cecilia Guanfang
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Educational Policy  Higher Education  Master Of Translation And Interpreting  Policy Appropriation  
Continuing the dialogue between writing experts and academic librarians: A conceptual model of information-based academic writing in higher education Journal article
Journal of Academic Librarianship, 2021,Volume: 47,Issue: 6
Authors:  Yu, Chengyuan;  Zhao, Cecilia Guanfang
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Academic Writing  Higher Education  Information Literacy  Knowledge Construction  
I Didnt Even Know if My Students Were in Class”: Challenges of Teaching English Speaking Online Journal article
Journal of Asia TEFL, 2021,Volume: 18,Issue: 4,Page: 1455-1462
Authors:  Qi, Qi;  Liao, Linyu;  Guanfang Zhao, Cecilia
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Metacognitive strategy use in L2 writing assessment Journal article
System, 2021,Volume: 98
Authors:  Zhao, Cecilia Guanfang;  Liao, Linyu
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Metacognitive Strategies  Second Language Writing  Writing Assessment  Writing Strategies  
Word or morpheme? Investigating the representation units of L1 and L2 Chinese compound words in mental lexicon using a repetition priming paradigm Journal article
International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 2021
Authors:  Gao, Fei;  Wang, Jianqin;  Zhao, Cecilia Guanfang;  Yuan, Zhen
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L2 Chinese  morpheme property  repetition priming  Representational units  
An evidence-based review of Celpe-Bras: The exam for certification of proficiency in Portuguese as a foreign language Journal article
LANGUAGE TESTING, 2019,Volume: 36,Issue: 4,Page: 617-627
Authors:  Cecilia Guanfang Zhao;  Carina Jiayu Liu
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Celpe-bras  Communicative Language Testing  Large-scale Proficiency Test  Portuguese As a Foreign Language  Test Fairness And Justice Framework  
Writer background and voice construction in L2 writing Journal article
Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 2019,Volume: 37,Page: 117-126
Authors:  Zhao,Cecilia Guanfang
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Culture  L2 Writing  Voice  Writer Background  
'Authorial voice' writing in the assessment Book chapter
出自: Handbook of Second Language Assessment, Berlin ; Boston:De Gruyter Mouton, 2016, 页码: 397-412
Authors:  Cecilia Guanfang Zhao
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Voice in high-stakes L1 academic writing assessment: Implications for L2 writing instruction Journal article
Assessing Writing, 2008,Volume: 13,Issue: 3,Page: 153–170
Authors:  Cecilia Guanfang Zhao;  Lorena Llosa
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Voice  Academic Writing  Secondary Level  High-stakes Assessment