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CDGAT: A graph attention network method for credit card defaulters prediction Journal article
Applied Intelligence, 2022
Authors:  Wu, Jun;  Zhao, XiongFei;  Yuan, Hang;  Si, Yain-Whar
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Credit Scoring  Defaulters Prediction  Graph Convolutional Neural Network  Node Classi cation  Neighbors Sampling  
NFTCert: NFT-Based Certificates with Online Payment Gateway Conference paper
Proceedings - 2021 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain, Blockchain 2021, Melbourne, Australia, 06/12/2021
Authors:  Zhao, Xiongfei;  Si, Yain Whar
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Blockchain  Certificate  Nft  Smart Contract  
Dynamic Transaction Storage Strategies for a Sustainable Blockchain Conference paper
Proceedings - 2021 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing, SCC 2021, Chicago, IL, USA, 10/09/2021
Authors:  Zhao, Xiongfei;  Si, Yain Whar
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Block Incentive  Blockchain  Merkle Tree  Transaction Fees