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Protective prototype-Beta and Delta-Omicron chimeric RBD-dimer vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 Journal article
Cell, 2022,Volume: 185,Issue: 13,Page: 2265-2278.e14
Authors:  Xu, Kun;  Gao, Ping;  Liu, Sheng;  Lu, Shuaiyao;  Lei, Wenwen;  Zheng, Tianyi;  Liu, Xueyuan;  Xie, Yufeng;  Zhao, Zhennan;  Guo, Shuxin;  Tang, Cong;  Yang, Yun;  Yu, Wenhai;  Wang, Junbin;  Zhou, Yanan;  Huang, Qing;  Liu, Chuanyu;  An, Yaling;  Zhang, Rong;  Han, Yuxuan;  Duan, Minrun;  Wang, Shaofeng;  Yang, Chenxi;  Wu, Changwei;  Liu, Xiaoya;  She, Guangbiao;  Liu, Yan;  Zhao, Xin;  Xu, Ke;  Qi, Jianxun;  Wu, Guizhen;  Peng, Xiaozhong;  Dai, Lianpan;  Wang, Peiyi;  Gao, George F.
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Covid19 Vaccine  Delta Variant  Immunogen Structure  Omicron Variant  Rbd  Receptor-binding Domain  Sars-cov-2  Vaccine Protection  Variant Of Concern  Voc  
Efficient Multi-Vehicle Task Offloading for Mobile Edge Computing in 6G Networks Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2022,Volume: 71,Issue: 5,Page: 4584-4595
Authors:  Y. Chen;  F. Zhao;  X. Chen;  Yuan Wu
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Anisotropic large magnetoresistance and Fermi surface topology of terbium monoantimonide Journal article
Materials Today Physics, 2022,Volume: 24
Authors:  Tang, F.;  Shen, X.;  Zhou, J.;  Cong, S.;  Zhang, L.;  Zhou, W.;  Han, Z. D.;  Qian, B.;  Jiang, X. F.;  Zheng, R. K.;  Zhao, W.;  Kan, X. C.;  Tang, J.;  Han, Y. Y.;  Yin, X. Q.;  Fang, Y.;  Ju, S.
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Angular Magnetoresistance  Antiferromagnetic  Magnetic Anisotropy  Magnetoresistance  
Investigation by nanosecond fiber laser for hybrid color marking and its potential application Journal article
Optics and Laser Technology, 2022,Volume: 147
Authors:  Xiang, Y. F.;  Mei, R. L.;  Azad, F.;  Zhao, L. Z.;  Su, S. C.;  Lu, G. G.;  Wang, S. P.
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Receptor binding and complex structures of human ACE2 to spike RBD from omicron and delta SARS-CoV-2 Journal article
Cell, 2022,Volume: 185,Issue: 4,Page: 630-640
Authors:  Han, Pengcheng;  Li, Linjie;  Liu, Sheng;  Wang, Qisheng;  Zhang, Di;  Xu, Zepeng;  Han, Pu;  Li, Xiaomei;  Peng, Qi;  Su, Chao;  Huang, Baihan;  Li, Dedong;  Zhang, Rong;  Tian, Mingxiong;  Fu, Lutang;  Gao, Yuanzhu;  Zhao, Xin;  Liu, Kefang;  Qi, Jianxun;  Gao, George F.;  Wang, Peiyi
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Delta  Hace2  Omicron  Rbd  Receptor-binding Domain  Structure  Variants Of Concern  Vocs  
Structural basis of SARS-CoV-2 and its variants binding to intermediate horseshoe bat ACE2 Journal article
International Journal of Biological Sciences, 2022,Volume: 18,Issue: 11,Page: 4658-4668
Authors:  Tang, Lingfeng;  Zhang, Di;  Han, Pu;  Kang, Xinrui;  Zheng, Anqi;  Xu, Zepeng;  Zhao, Xin;  Wang, Vivien Ya Fan;  Qi, Jianxun;  Wang, Qihui;  Liu, Kefang;  Gao, George F.
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Bace2-ra  Intermediate Horseshoe Bats  Sars-cov-2  Sars-cov-2 Variants  Structure  
Resource Allocation and Slicing Puncture in Cellular Networks with eMBB and URLLC Terminals Co-Existence Journal article
IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2022
Authors:  Zhao, Yunzhi;  Chi, Xuefen;  Qian, Lei;  Zhu, Yuhong;  Hou, Fen
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Bandwidth  block coordinate descent.  Delays  Lyapunov optimization  Optimization  Quality of service  resource allocation  Resource management  Schedules  Slicing puncture  Ultra reliable low latency communication  URLLC and eMBB  
Quantum oscillations and quasilinear magnetoresistance in the topological semimetal candidate ScSn2 Journal article
Physical Review B, 2021,Volume: 104,Issue: 16
Authors:  Chen, Y.;  Tang, F.;  Meng, W. Z.;  Shen, X.;  Zhao, W.;  Yin, X. Q.;  Cong, S.;  Yi, Q. H.;  Zhang, L.;  Wu, D. J.;  Han, Z. D.;  Qian, B.;  Jiang, X. F.;  Zhang, X. M.;  Fang, Y.
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Studies of cyanomethylcarbamoyl-bridged anthracene and pyrene fluorophores Journal article
New Journal of Chemistry, 2021,Volume: 45,Issue: 37,Page: 17366-17376
Authors:  Younes, Eyad A.;  Issa, Maram J.;  Abdollahi, Maryam F.;  Ding, Yuan Fu;  Rasras, Anas J.;  Mok, Greta S.P.;  Lin, Jian Bin;  Zhao, Yuming
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Numerical investigation of the effect of laser shock peening parameters on the residual stress and deformation response of 7075 aluminum alloy Journal article
Optik, 2021,Volume: 243
Authors:  Xiang, Y. F.;  Mei, R. L.;  Wang, S. P.;  Azad, F.;  Zhao, L. Z.;  Su, S. C.
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Abaqus  Finite Element Simulation  Laser Shot Peening  Residual Stress