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Computationally convolutional ghost imaging Journal article
Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 2022,Volume: 159
Authors:  Ye, Zhiyuan;  Zheng, Peixia;  Hou, Wanting;  Sheng, Dian;  Jin, Weiqi;  Liu, Hong Chao;  Xiong, Jun
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Computational ghost imaging  Image-free convolution  Optical image processing  Single-pixel imaging  
Algorithm-Dependent Computational Ghost Encryption and Imaging Journal article
Physical Review Applied, 2022,Volume: 18,Issue: 3
Authors:  Xiong, Jiahao;  Zheng, Peixia;  Gao, Zihan;  Liu, Hong Chao
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Compressive Imaging Encryption with Secret Sharing Metasurfaces Journal article
Advanced Optical Materials, 2022,Volume: 10,Issue: 15
Authors:  Zheng, Peixia;  Li, Jiaxin;  Li, Zile;  Ge, Mingzheng;  Zhang, Shuang;  Zheng, Guoxing;  Liu, Hong Chao
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Computational Ghost Imaging  Metasurface Holography  Visual Cryptography  
Computational ghost imaging encryption with a pattern compression from 3D to 0D Journal article
Optics Express, 2022,Volume: 30,Issue: 12,Page: 21866-21875
Authors:  Zheng, Peixia;  Ye, Zhiyuan;  Xiong, Jun;  Liu, Hong Chao
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Anti-loss-compression image encryption based on computational ghost imaging using discrete cosine transform and orthogonal patterns Journal article
Optics Express, 2022,Volume: 30,Issue: 9,Page: 14073-14087
Authors:  Liu, Yichen;  Zheng, Peixia;  Liu, Hong Chao
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Single-pixel imaging and metasurface imaging (Invited) 单像素成像与超表面成像(特邀) Journal article
Hongwai yu Jiguang Gongcheng/Infrared and Laser Engineering, 2021,Volume: 50,Issue: 12
Authors:  Zheng, Peixia;  Liu, Yichen;  Liu, Hongchao
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Computational imaging  Metasurface  Single-pixel imaging  
Simultaneous Manipulation of Electric and Magnetic Surface Waves by Topological Hyperbolic Metasurfaces Journal article
ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 2021,Volume: 3,Issue: 9,Page: 4203-4209
Authors:  Liu, Yi;  Ouyang, Chunmei;  Zheng, Peixia;  Ma, Jiajun;  Xu, Quan;  Su, Xiaoqiang;  Li, Yanfeng;  Tian, Zhen;  Gu, Jianqiang;  Liu, Liyuan;  Han, Jiaguang;  Zhang, Weili
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Hyperbolic Metasurfaces  Self-collimation Frequencies  Surface Waves  Topological Phase Transition  Isofrequency Contour  
Inverse computational ghost imaging for image encryption Journal article
Optics Express, 2021,Volume: 29,Issue: 14,Page: 21290-21299
Authors:  Zheng, Peixia;  Tan, Qilong;  Liu, Hong-chao
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Metasurface-based key for computational imaging encryption Journal article
Science Advances, 2021,Volume: 7,Issue: 21
Authors:  Zheng, Peixia;  Dai, Qi;  Li, Zile;  Ye, Zhiyuan;  Xiong, Jun;  Liu, Hong Chao;  Zheng, Guoxing;  Zhang, Shuang
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