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Wideband Filtering Antenna Fed Through Hybrid Substrate Integrated Waveguide and Spoof Localized Surface Plasmon Structure Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 2022,Volume: 70,Issue: 5,Page: 3812-3817
Authors:  Zhenzhong Chen;  Min Wang;  Dongfang Guan;  Zuping Qian;  Wen Wu;  Lei Zhu
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Spoof Localized Surface Plasmon (Slsp)  Substrate Integrated Waveguide (Siw)  Wideband Filtering Patch Antenna  
Transformable Honeycomb-Like Nanoassemblies of Carbon Dots for Regulated Multisite Delivery and Enhanced Antitumor Chemoimmunotherapy Journal article
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 2021,Volume: 60,Issue: 12,Page: 6581-6592
Authors:  Hou, Lin;  Chen, Dandan;  Wang, Ruiting;  Wang, Ruibing;  Zhang, Huijuan;  Zhang, Zhenzhong;  Nie, Zhihong;  Lu, Siyu
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Antitumor Chemoimmunotherapy  Assemble  Carbon Dots  Mesopores  Responsive Transformation  
Brain-Actuated Control of Dual-Arm Robot Manipulation with Relative Motion Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, 2019,Volume: 11,Issue: 1,Page: 51-62
Authors:  Li, Zhijun;  Yuan, Wang;  Zhao, Suna;  Yu, Zhenzhong;  Kang, Yu;  Chen, C. L.Philip
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Asymmetric Bimanual Manipulation  Dual-arm Robot  Multichannel Steady State Visual Evoked Potential (Ssvep)-based System  Relative Jacobian  Relative Motion