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Distributed Voltage Control of Active Distribution Networks with Global Sensitivity Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2022,Volume: 37,Issue: 6,Page: 4214-4228
Authors:  Yu, Peng;  Wan, Can;  Sun, Mingyang;  Zhou, Yongzhi;  Song, Yonghua
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Active Distribution Network  Back-and-forth Communication  Distributed Voltage Control  Distribution Networks  Global Sensitivity  Inverters  Mathematical Models  Reactive Power  Real-time Systems  Sensitivity  Voltage Control  
Parametric Problems in Power System Analysis: Recent Applications of Polynomial Approximation Based on Galerkin Method Journal article
Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, 2021,Volume: 9,Issue: 1,Page: 1-12
Authors:  Wu,Hao;  Shen,Danfeng;  Xia,Bingqing;  Qiu,Yiwei;  Zhou,Yongzhi;  Song,Yonghua
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Galerkin Method  Parametric Problem  Polynomial Approximation  Power System Analysis  Stochastic Problem  
Identification of the Area of Vulnerability to Voltage Sags Based on Galerkin Method Journal article
Electric Power Components and Systems, 2019,Volume: 47,Issue: 4-5,Page: 345-356
Authors:  Zhou,Yongzhi;  Wu,Hao;  Lou,Boliang;  Deng,Hui;  Song,Yonghua;  Hua,Wen;  Shen,Yijun
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Area Of Vulnerability  Galerkin Method  Polynomial Approximation  Voltage Sags  
Optimal Allocation of Dynamic Var Sources for Reducing the Probability of Commutation Failure Occurrence in the Receiving-End Systems Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, 2019,Volume: 34,Issue: 1,Page: 324-333
Authors:  Zhou,Yongzhi;  Wu,Hao;  Wei,Wei;  Song,Yonghua;  Deng,Hui
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Global optimal polynomial approximation for parametric problems in power systems Journal article
Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, 2018,Volume: 7,Issue: 3,Page: 500-511
Authors:  Zhou,Yongzhi;  Wu,Hao;  Gu,Chenghong;  Song,Yonghua
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Galerkin Method  Global Approximation  Load Flow Problems  Optimal Approximation  Parametric Problems  Polynomial Approximation  
Analyses of static and dynamic reactive power allocation between synchronous compensators and shunt capacitors to counter commutation failures Journal article
Authors:  Zhou, Yongzhi;  Wu, Hao;  Song, Yonghua;  Ling, Weijia;  Lou, Boliang;  Deng, Hui
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Commutation Failures  Polynomial Approximation  Synchronous Compensator  Transient Voltage Analyses  
Global parametric polynomial approximation of static voltage stability region boundaries Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2016,Volume: 32,Issue: 3,Page: 2362-2371
Authors:  Qiu,Yiwei;  Wu,Hao;  Zhou,Yongzhi;  Song,Yonghua
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Galerkin Method  Loadability Surface  Parametric Problem  Polynomial Approximation  Static Voltage Stability Region Boundary