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An evidence-based review of Celpe-Bras: The exam for certification of proficiency in Portuguese as a foreign language Journal article
LANGUAGE TESTING, 2019,Volume: 36,Issue: 4,Page: 617-627
Authors:  Cecilia Guanfang Zhao;  Carina Jiayu Liu
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Celpe-bras  Communicative Language Testing  Large-scale Proficiency Test  Portuguese As a Foreign Language  Test Fairness And Justice Framework  
构式的对应和不对应机制——以汉语领主属宾句与日语领属被动句为例 Conference paper
汉日语言对比研究论丛 第10辑, 苏州大学, 2018-08-18
Authors:  陈访泽;  陈姗姗
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Aspectos histórico-culturais e sociolinguísticos do Libolo: aproximações com o Brasil Book chapter
出自: O Português na África Atlântica: Angola, Cabo Verde, Guiné Bissau, São Tomé e Príncipe, São Paul:Humanitas : FAPESP, 2019, 页码: 47-97
Authors:  Carlos Filipe Guimarães Figueiredo
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Uso variável do artigo definido no português da comunidade de Almoxarife, São Tomé Journal article
Journal of Ibero-Romance Creoles, 2019,Volume: 9,Page: 358-389
Authors:  Carlos Filipe Guimarães Figueiredo
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Aquisição e Uso Variável Do Artigo definiDo  Português De Almoxarife, São Tomé  Falas Cultas e Populares Do Brasil  Crioulos Atlânticos De Base Portuguesa  
The Lexical Aspect Hypothesis – Off-line Evidence from Chinese Learners of European Portuguese as L2 Book chapter
出自: Linguistic Approaches to Portuguese as an Additional Language:John Benjamins, 2019, 页码: 109-148
Authors:  Custodio Cavaco Martins;  Mario Pinharanda Nunes
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Aspect Hypothesis  Sla  L2 Verbal Morphology  Portuguese  Chinese  
Logo in Makista: irrealis and beyond Book chapter
出自: Lives in contact: a tribute to nine fellow creolinguists, Lisboa:Edições Colibri, 2019, 页码: 424- 444
Authors:  Mário Pinharanda Nunes
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Uma China de distância: a cultura dos PLP em materiais didáticos para o ensino de PLE Conference paper
Pelos Mares da Língua Portuguesa 4, Universidade de Aveiro, 2018-05-23
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在华葡语社区继承语现状研究——以东莞巴西人社区为例 Book chapter
出自: 中国与葡语国家合作发展报告(2019), 北京:社会科学文献出版社, 2019, 页码: 219-230
Authors:  Júlio Reis Jatobá;  尚雪娇
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葡萄牙语  继承语  在华巴西人社区  语言政策  
English Literacy Instruction for Chinese Speakers Book
Singapore:Palgrave Macmillan, 1, 2019
Authors:  Barry Lee Reynolds;  Mark Feng Teng
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English Literacy Development in Mainland Chinese Secondary English Classrooms: Pedagogical Recommendations for Enhancing Formulaic Language Book chapter
出自: English Literacy Instruction for Chinese Speakers, Cham, Switzerland:Palgrave Macmillan, 2019, 页码: 111-126
Authors:  Chen Ding;  Barry Lee Reynolds
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English Foreign and Second Language Literacy Instruction for Chinese Speakers: Future Directions and Implications Book chapter
出自: English Literacy Instruction for Chinese Speakers, Cham, Switzerland:Palgrave Macmillan, 2019, 页码: 369-378
Authors:  Mark Feng Teng;  Barry Lee Reynolds
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English Foreign and Second Language Literacy Development for Chinese Speakers: What Do We Know? Book chapter
出自: English Literacy Instruction for Chinese Speakers:Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore, 2019, 页码: 3-13
Authors:  Mark Feng Tenges;  Barry Lee Reynolds
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Towards developing and validating Quality Physical Education in schools—The Asian physical education professionals' voice Journal article
Plos One, 2019,Volume: 14,Issue: 8,Page: 1-19
Authors:  Walter King Yan Ho;  Md. Dilsad Ahmed;  Selina Khoo;  Chee Hian Tan;  Mitra Rouhi Dehkordi;  Mila Gallardo;  Kicheon Lee;  Yasuo Yamaguchi;  Yuping Tao;  Chunong Shu
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SAÚDE, NOVAS TECNOLOGIAS e RESPONSABILIDADES - Nos 30 Anos do Centro de Direito Biomédico, Coimbra, 2018/05/10-11
Authors:  Vera Lúcia Raposo
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Deveres Reprodutivos  Direitos Reprodutivos  Deveres Parentais  Beneficência Procriativa  Genética  
The First Chinese Edited Babies: A Leap of Faith in Science Journal article
JBRA Assisted Reproduction, 2019,Volume: 23,Issue: 3,Page: 197-199
Authors:  Vera Lucia Raposo
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Defensive Medicine and the Imposition of a More Demanding Standard of Care Journal article
Journal of Legal Medicine, 2019,Volume: 39,Issue: 4,Page: 401-416
Authors:  Vera Lúcia Raposo
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比较犯罪学的历程与亚洲犯罪学的兴起 Journal article
中国刑警学院学报, 2019,Issue: 4,Page: 41-48+2
Authors:  刘建宏;  王冰萍;  孔一
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比较犯罪学  亚洲范式理论  关系主义  亚洲犯罪学  
亚洲犯罪学的新范式:关系主义理论 Journal article
中国刑警学院学报, 2019,Issue: 5,Page: 5-13
Authors:  刘建宏;  杨学锋
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亚洲范式  亚洲犯罪学比较  犯罪学关系主义  获取正义  
Debating Core Conceptual and Measurement Issues About Police Legitimacy—Editor's Introduction Journal article
Asian Journal of Criminology, 2019,Issue: 14,Page: 261–263
Authors:  Jianhong Liu
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Modeling and control of flexible loads for frequency regulation services considering compensation of communication latency and detection error Conference paper
Applied Energy, Hong Kong, China, AUG 22-25, 2018
Authors:  H. X. Hui;  Y. Ding;  Y. H. Song;  S. Rahman
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Demand Response  Frequency Regulation Service  Flexible Loads  Communication Latency  Frequency Detection Error