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比较犯罪学的历程与亚洲犯罪学的兴起 Journal article
中国刑警学院学报, 2019,Issue: 4,Page: 41-48+2
Authors:  刘建宏;  王冰萍;  孔一
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比较犯罪学  亚洲范式理论  关系主义  亚洲犯罪学  
沉浸营销的渊源与发展刍议 Journal article
新闻与传播评论, 2021,Volume: 74,Issue: 3
Authors:  龚思颖;  沈福元;  陈 霓;  彭雪华;  赵心树
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China's juvenile justice: A system in transition Book chapter
出自: Juvenile Justice: International Perspectives, Models and Trends:Routledge, 2014, 页码: 137-162
Authors:  Zhao,Ruohui;  Zhang,Hongwei;  Liu,Jianhong
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Mapping Trafficking of Women in China: Evidence from Court Sentences Journal article
Journal of Contemporary China, 2020,Volume: 29,Issue: 122,Page: 238-252
Authors:  Yiwei Xia;  Yisu Zhou;  Li Du;  Tianji Cai
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Two State Theory Versus One China Principle: Cross-Strait Relations in 1999 Book chapter
出自: China Review 2000:The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, 2000, 页码: 135-156
Authors:  Hu, Weixing
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Seeking Nontraditional Security in 'Traditional' Ways: Northeast Asia and Emerging Security Challenge Book chapter
出自: Broadening Asia's Security Discourse and Agenda : Political, Social, and Environmental Perspectives, Tokyo:United Nations University Press, 2004, 页码: 270-278
Authors:  Hu, Weixing
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China's Central Asia Policy: Making Sense of the shanghai Cooperation Organization Book chapter
出自: Central Asia at the End of the Transition, New York:Taylor & Francis Group, 2005, 页码: 130-151
Authors:  Hu, Weixing
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The Chinese Response to the US Rebalancing Strategy: Sino–US Relations and Washington's Pivot to Asia Book chapter
出自: Asia Pacific Countries and the US Rebalancing Strategy, New York:Palgrave MacMillan, 2016, 页码: 69-84
Authors:  Hu,Weixing
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New Dynamics in Cross-Taiwan Strait Relations : How Far Can the Rapprochement Go? Book
London:Taylor & Francis Group, 2013
Authors:  Hu, Weixing
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China's Security Strategy in a Changing World Journal article
Pacific Focus, 1993,Volume: 8,Issue: 1,Page: 113-134
Authors:  Hu, Weixing
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China's Nuclear Export Controls: Policy and Regulations Journal article
The Nonproliferation Review, 1994,Volume: 1,Issue: 2,Page: 3-9
Authors:  Hu, Weixing
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The political– economic paradox and Beijing's strategic options Book chapter
出自: China's Rise, Taiwan's Dilemma's and International Peace:Taylor & Francis Group, 2006, 页码: 22-38
Authors:  Hu, Weixing
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构建中国国际价值观: 30 年来的实践与理论 Book chapter
出自: 中国社会价值观变迁30年: 1978-2008, 北京鼓楼西大街甲158号:中国社会科学出版社, 2008, 页码: 357-385
Authors:  胡伟星
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APEC and Future Asia-Pacific Regional Architecture Journal article
American Foreign Policy Interests, 2009,Volume: 31,Issue: 1,Page: 12-22
Authors:  Hu, Weixing
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Xi Jinping's 'Major Country Diplomacy': The Role of Leadership in Foreign Policy Transformation Journal article
JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY CHINA, 2019,Volume: 28,Issue: 115,Page: 1-14
Authors:  Hu, Weixing
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Reacting to China's rise throughout history: balancing and accommodating in East Asia Journal article
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, 2020,Volume: 20,Issue: 1,Page: 119-148
Authors:  Meng, Weizhan;  Hu, Weixing
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Discerning states' revisionist and status-quo orientations: Comparing China and the US Journal article
European Journal of International Relations, 2019,Volume: 25,Issue: 2,Page: 613-640
Authors:  Chan, Steve;  Hu, Weixing;  He, Kai
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International Order  Status-quo Orientation  Power-transition Theory  Revisionism  
Competing Patterns of Regionalism in East Asia: New Dynamics and New Roadmap Conference paper
Proceedings of the 2005 Annual Convention of the International Studies Association (ISA), Honolulu, HI, USA, March 1st - 5th, 2005
Authors:  Hu, WX
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Journal of Northeast Asian Studies, 1995,Volume: 14,Issue: 3,Page: 50-67
Authors:  Hu, WX
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China's security agenda after the cold war Journal article
The Pacific Review, 1995,Volume: 8,Issue: 1,Page: 117-135
Authors:  Hu, Weixing
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China  Security  Defence Strategy  Threat Perception  Economic Interests And Security  Asian‐pacific Security